Forgiveness in the Kite Runner

Published: 2021-07-31 10:40:05
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Forgiveness In order to heal from traumatic experiences, individuals must forgive others by risking emotional courage, because a relationship is often broken in trauma, which leads to an individual’s loss of someone close to them. Baba portrays forgiveness when he forgives Hassan for stealing Amir’s money and watch even though Hassan didn’t actually steal it. Baba is unaware that Amir was only framing Hassan for stealing his money and watch. Baba asks, “Did you steal that money? Did you steal Amir’s watch, Hassan? ” Hassan responded, “Yes. By Hassan taking the blame of stealing Amir’s belongings, he shows indirect forgiveness towards Amir who is in the room with Amir and Baba. There are two acts of forgiveness in the situation, one indirectly and one directly. Even though Baba claims, “There is no act more wretched than stealing,” he directly forgives Hassan. Hassan obviously doesn’t feel the need to explain to Baba that Amir had framed him because Hassan doesn’t want Amir to suffer Baba’s anger. By taking the blame, Hassan is risking emotional courage and putting himself in the position of Amir hurting him again.
Hassan indirectly shows he doesn’t want problems with Amir because their relationship means something to him. Amir makes a very cowardly action by deciding to leave Hassan while Hassan is getting raped. After that has happened, Amir still sees Hassan, pretending like nothing has happened. Amir thinks Hassan had not seen him run away while he was raped. When Hassan takes the blame for stealing Amir’s watch and money, Amir says, “Hassan knew. He knew I’d seen everything in that alley, that I’d stood there and done nothing. ” Hassan never approached Amir about that cowardly mistake Amir had made.
Ali and Hassan decide to leave Babas after Baba asks Hassan about stealing the money and watch. Later in life Hassan reconnects with Amir, writing him letters. Hassan writes, “And I dream that someday you will return to Kabul to revisit the land of our childhood. If you do, you will find an old faithful friend waiting for you. ” Hassan shows forgiveness indirectly to Amir in his letter. After how badly Amir has treated Hassan, Hassan, still keeps a relationship with Amir and forgives him, Hassan describes himself as faithful, which he is.

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