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1. The role of working memory in top-down perceptual processing is that the working memory is responsible for reasoning and decision making. It holds a set of temporary memory stores that actively manipulate and rehearse information. Therefore working memory’s role in top-down perceptual processing Is that the perception of higher-level knowledge provided for top-down processing Is knowledge from the working memory. The knowledge needed for top-down perceptual processing to happen is generated from the working memory thus making working memory play a big role in top-down perceptual processing. 2.
If I was developing a public health campaign to warn people about the dangers of overeating and obesity, I would put more emphasis on healthy foods rather than a healthy body size. Society values a slim body type and gives people the notion that obesity is very unattractive, and because of this message people often start dieting and go overboard with It. They become lost In a world of their own and think that they can never be too skinny, not realizing themselves how sickly thin they have become. Also some psychologists believe that eating disorders can be brought about by overly demanding parents or other family Issues.
Focusing on a healthy diet rather than a healthy body size would help balance the need to prevent obesity with the need to avoid increasing the risk of eating disorders. 3. After watching the movie Forest Gump and observing the main character Forest, he illustrates a lot of different aspects of intelligence. I think that Forest shows his understanding about the world, he can think rationally and he always uses resources effectively when faced with challenges in his life, therefore demonstrating his intelligence. Forest demonstrates his use of intelligence throughout the movie in any different ways.
One major challenge Forest is faced with in his childhood years is the leg braces he needs because of his crooked spine. Many of the young children he goes to school with look at him as being different and make fun of him because of his leg braces. In the beginning of the movie, Forest gets on the bus for school and the kids on the bus tell him all the seats are taken as he walks down the aisle. One little girl tells Forest that he can sit beside her, and from this point on their friendship blooms; Jenny and Forest become best friends. Although Forest many be little slow, he shows his intelligence in many ways.
In the beginning of the movie he is there for Jenny, he understands that her dad doesn ‘t treat her right and is very concerned about her. When she doesn ‘t get on the bus for school one morning, Forest goes to find her; he understands and is able to think rationally in this situation. When Forest’s mother passes away after a battle with cancer, he understands that everyone lives then has to die at some point. Forest also shows practical Intelligence In this movie in many ways. Practical Intelligence Is the most seful measurement of Intelligence according to Stenberg; It Is Intelligence related to overall successes In llvlng.
A tnougn Forest races cnallenges, ne Is still aDle to De very successful in many ways shown in this movie. Forest is successful in college although he thinks it is confusing at times. He gets to be on the school football team which he excels in because he can run fast. Forest graduates from college and is able to Join the army and does very well, he saves the lives of injured men in the war they fight. Forest is extremely good at ping pong and gets to be on the all American eam, he buys a fishing boat and becomes a successful shrimp fisherman with Lieutenant Dan, and Lieutenant Dan invests in shares in Apple and donates money to the church.
Eventually, Forest and Jenny get married, Jenny dies and Forest looks after his son. All these are examples of practical intelligence showing how successful Forest Gump is throughout his life even though he mentally compromised. Aspects of Gardner’s forms of intelligence that Forest displays are bodily kinesthetic skills; Forest is able to perform skills using his whole body such as dancing, being on the ollege football team, excelling at ping pong and long distance running.
Forest learned better by performing activities using his body rather than reading information about how to do things because he had a higher form of bodily kinesthetic skills. Forest also demonstrates interpersonal intelligence as he is able to interact with others easily throughout the movie. A good example of Forest Gump’s interpersonal intelligence would be at the end of the movie when he gets Jenny’s house torn down because of the emotions she associates with the house where she as abused at a young age by her father.
He also demonstrated aspects of intrapersonal intelligence by believing in himself and expressing his emotions and love for Jenny and his son. He was also extremely aware of his body and mind allowing him to become a successful athlete in the movie with football, running, and ping pong. Forest showed naturalist intelligence by his awareness of nature and his environment. An example of this is when he explained to Jenny about Vietnam and how beautiful it was. He was able to explain things to Jenny by using his vivid memory about the nature around him.

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