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Published: 2021-09-14 16:25:08
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It was Henning Holck-Larsen and Soren Kristian Tuobro, the two promising Danish engineers who were committed to develop the engineering capabilities in order to meet the demand for the necessary industries in India. L&T at first started its business by importing sophisticated machineries for taking up complex engineering and construction assignments which was needed in the Indian market. L&T started its business by importing sophisticated machineries for taking up complex engineering and construction assignments which was needed in the Indian market from Europe.
It is now a limited company fully based on engineering, technology, and construction. L&T is India’s one of the largest and know industrial organisations with a reputation for technological excellence, high quality of products and services and strong customer orientation. They value their customers by using customer focused strategy giving them value and a world class quality.
It has enabled them to attain a title of the biggest player in their market field. The L&T has attained its international presence by opening its offices in different parts of world which has helped them to attain profits and grow widely. The wide marketing and distribution network not only gives them a strong customer support but also those to attain progress with keeping in mind the protection of the environment. The company is constantly on the move for innovation in their technology which helps them to attract potential shareholders.
The company takes a major attention towards the culture when working in different parts of the world, which helps them to meet the satisfaction level of its stakeholders, employees and society. The company believes in their employees by giving them freedom at work which then helps their employees to complete interesting, motivating and challenging tasks with ease. It is open to suggestion and ideas at the workplace. Hence, it has given birth to advancement and the company is at present growing on a high scale with a rapid pace while playing as a major threat to their competitors.
Today, the company is therefore huge and owns major Independent companies. It holds positions of independent companies in the field of Hydrocarbon, Heavy engineering, Power, Construction, Electricals and Automations, IT, Shipping, Railway projects and many more. It has created mile stones with successful projects in other countries like Sri Lanka in terms of delivering quality power projects and becoming the largest seller of coal to China. It has also played a major role in India’s maiden moon missions.
Capital Structure In terms of finance, capital structure represents the way a corporation finances its assets through the combinations of equity, debt, or hybrid securities. The capital structure of a firm is then the composition or ‘structure’ of its liabilities. It gives the overview and the standing in the market place by putting a bright light on the working style of the company.

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