Feminist Criticism on Revolutionary Road

Published: 2021-10-07 21:05:13
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Feminist theories also attempt to understand representation from a woman’s point of view and to explain women’s writing strategies as specific to their social conditions. Meyer). I will be applying feminist criticism to the movie Revolutionary Road. In the movie April, played by Kate Winslet, is married to Frank who is played by Leonardo DiCaprio the story is staged in the 1950’s. When watching the movie one’s first impression of Amy might be that she is domineering and she seems as if she is the antagonist in her marriage to Frank. However, when inspecting the movie from a feminist criticism perspective, the director depicted Amy to be emotionally unstable and mentally unfit.
For example, when Amy finds out that she is pregnant and wants to abort the baby, Luke suggest that no real loving mother would ever want to abort her baby. Luke makes it seem as if she doesn’t love the two kids that she had because she doesn’t want another one. It seems as if a woman in the 1950’s yearned to have endless babies, as if women didn’t have other dreams and aspirations. In addition, the thought that a woman being the sole bread winner in the movie seemed preposterous; when Amy wanted to move to Paris and take care of the family while Frank went after his dreams, Frank laughed at Amy.
The idea of a woman being the head of the household was so bizarre to everyone in the 1950’s; it seems as if it castrated a man. Amy would always talk down to her husband Frank. She didn’t hesitate to say that he was less than a man. The director portrayed Amy to be a hard person to deal with. One might think that the director made it hard for the viewer to relate to her purposely. All throughout the movie all Amy wanted was an escape, she wanted to break away from the ordinary and do something extraordinary.

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