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Published: 2021-08-10 09:05:07
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I was walking on the road at Bangalore, It was a very usual busy day around 11 am in the morning. There was some work in progress to repair the platforms of the road. I noticed two women were hiding behind a name board. one among them was holding a kid and feeding him. The other was nearly old 50 years. I also noticed that a cradle near to them in a tree branch. I started observing them, for a while to know, why they were hiding behind?. After, hearing their conversation, i came to know that they were continuously working from the morning 6 am without getting leisure time to even feed their baby. hen i come across this incident, i really felt very tired and depressed about our lack of social conscious in feminism and its activists. I don’t know whether, i am capable of writing about feminism or not? because, i know very well that in my past, I am also a person who expressed male chauvinism in many part of my life. In family as well as work place i have exposed the same when i got a chance to do so. But, Later, i realized and felt shame on that. As the realization and correction of thoughts may be my qualification of writing this article.
The first feminist, i have seen in my life is my mother, in between the two male kids, she is always ensured the opportunities and rights for my sister. i was wondering about her perception about feminism and now realized that made my sister as a victorious women in all the way of her life. Also, that made me considering and changing my views on feminism. 0810-01 From my college days even, i am continuously participating in debates and other events related to feminism. i have conversed with lot of women activists in different fields. but, i am sure that most of them are not having a matured ideology about feminism and its contents. xpect some of them, most of the so called activists are moderate themselves by pseudo-feminism, else they are into the exposure of sexual identifications or based on anatomical feminism. they believe that their anatomical structure is a disadvantage for their growth and success. Before analyzing, how feminism is related to human anatomy, i just wanted to express my understanding about feminism, which may give you a correct picture about this article.
“ Society should ensure the each and every opportunity, which in front of a male should be given to my fellow women”. this is what, i understood about feminism. n this quote you can fill any kind of social contents like food, dress codes, language, education, job opportunities, political rights, social values, love, marriage, maternity, literature, entertainment, friends, etc. , the list is infinite. Alright, what is the relationship between feminism and anatomy? , it is nothing but a shameful relationship between caste system and birth for a human. its is equally a complicated and minute construction by the religion to value a women by her birth. core of religion with the help of Veda’s and ethic’s constructed this mind set in the existing society. o it’s very easy to understand that any one having a self belief in religion are not capable of talking and initiating feminism. i have come across so many feminists who are having a strong religious belief. this is nothing but a time pass to the high class women in this society. they cant even help themselves to come out of that shell. No_Excuses_Violence_Against_Women Feminism divided into two parts in India, one is the so called time passing feminism which is having a major roll in Indian social history. the other one is lying on the roads, the farms and inside the dark kitchens of Indian home. hey don’t even have the opportunity to cry and laugh loudly in their life. The second category contains the perfect need for food, medicine, parental care, education, job opportunities, political awareness and social values. apart from this facts, i have seen many feminist fellow women who are working on literature and fine arts. they are very particular in exposure of their anatomy. when the alternative media is also giving certification to them to encourage the same, they are not aware of doing a morale corruption into their young women. 75460083_b562e4c9fb
Physical body is a gift from nature for any human to initiate psychological movements. the deliverance of literature which is exposing the physical body of a human irrespective of women and men will definitely brings out depression and psychological disorder in young women. in recent past the trend of exposing physical body is increasing and it’s giving me an immense concern and fear on the same. this may deviate the depth of feminism in India or block the speed of its own. What you think about physical pressures and male chauvinism which use to imply and attack on women in this society every day?
This is what your question for me, right……??? obviously, i agree with this question as the entire society is implementing the physical pressure on women in many forms. In all directions of this world men are working to keep and protect the rhythm of their so called chauvinism. i feel shame on that and i promise to go against this at any cost. but, my context is different to completely destroy the roots of this cause. destroying the roots of this cause is the only solution to come out of this kind of physical and psychological pressure against women. ot the exposing physique and self depressed literature. Dalit_women I strongly believe that the two major factors are defining the social image of women. one is religion and the other is media. without changing the basic factors like this we can’t achieve anything towards feminism. it’s too funny, even about to see boards, which denying women to enter inside the temples of India. i didn’t find any feminist organizations to keen on this kind of social impacts. i didn’t find any poets or poems to come against this kind of social illness. his is what the lack of feminism in our existing society. The next factor is media, both the print media and visual media are targeting women to increase their ratings and business. the hidden policy of our print media is maximizing the physical exposure of women in any form. there are lot of women silently working for this great work of our shameless medias. No, feminist organizations are in seen to go against this. the ultimate and final objective of Indian feminists is nothing but to participate in an “Europe Meet”. exceptionally, people are exist to work in this real cause.
They are not even understanding the life style differences between an European women and an Indian dalit women. WorkingWomen02 Until feminism start functioning in a tribal Indian village, its just like living inside the corrupted religious or social structure and talking about a healthy form of life. I am quoting the core of a poem by our young Tamil poet Ms. Leena Manimekalai which gives lot of impact to initiate this article on me, But, I strongly believe this kind of poems are very dangerous and gives negative impact on our young women instead of morally encouraging them.
I don’t want the real pressure and unhealthy content of this poem to reach my young women. i feel this is nothing but a violence against women by an another women. The poem starts like this, “ I am searching to find the person who made my breast into two parts” and go on with self dissuade and exposing physical structure with some emotions”. violence-against-women-and-children-grady-zeeman Link for The Original poem in Tamil Language:

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