Fatal Child Abuse

Published: 2021-08-25 05:55:07
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The authors Kauppi Anne, Tuji Vanamo, Kari Karkola, Juhani Merikanto that wrote “Fatal child abuse: a study of 13 cases of continuous abuse” was published on 5 January 2012. The main point that this author is trying to convey is how child abuse is active all around the world. Even though some are fatal which is rare it is still on the rise to this day. Many of the children living in those conditions could have been prevented from someone reporting the abuse but failed to do so.
Many of the parents in the study knew about the battering, but because the violence of the family members hindered the other parent to put an end to the abuse. The injuries in the children were also seen in daycare or by other authorities but failed to act in time. The signs of battering was a change in the child’s behavior such as depression, withdrawal, anxiety or being absent from school or daycare. The most common injuries in abuse is skin and soft tissue.
In the fatal abuses, it was most always head trauma. After fatal battering most parents do not want to take the unconscious child to the emergency room because they did not intentionally mean to kill or seriously hurt the child. In the beginning of the paper, it tells some background on the injured patients and then the results on what happened to the children and parents. Also, there is a chart that lists the age, patient, and short descriptions containing the abuse done to them.
The end of the paper has a discussion about how child abuse is under reported or not looked into enough. Meanwhile, tells how important reporting it could be or how it could save an innocent child’s life. The evidence that the author has is statistics and a chart of how many children are being effected by child abuse. Also, percentages of how many children had soft tissue injuries or head trauma which is fatal. The author is trying to address this to everyone.
This needs to be addressed because people often see that a child is getting abused but does not want to get involved so they do not report it. Millions of children are abused each day and no one does anything about it. Seeing that this article was only written a year ago shows everyone it is still going on today and we have not found a solution but needs to be addressed to prevent abuse as much as possible. People have been trying to prevent this for years and now child services are cracking down on these cases more often.
I like this article a lot and agree with it one hundred percent. Its strength is it talks about things that are happening every day that needs to be prevented and taken care of. It also shows the risks, signs, and symptoms that happen to innocent children. I would recommend this article to someone else because this could be helpful for anyone to know the signs of child abuse or the things that could happen if it was not reported. I think this article could be useful for my research because it has a lot of statistics I could use.

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