Example of a Satire: Vanity

Published: 2021-07-17 10:15:07
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Vanity How does one measure beauty? Is it measured by the depth of an individual’s personality, or perhaps by the goodness of a person’s heart? Of course that would entail actually having to interact with someone longer than the casual glance and judge routine we have spent generations mastering. No matter how twisted, cracked, and deformed a person’s soul may be doesn’t matter, as long as they have enough cosmetics to cake on and can afford some minor surgery that is.
In today’s society we measure beauty through what we see and what we are told is beautiful, because deciding on our own would just be too difficult. Thankfully we have the influence of things like television and celebrities to guide the way into the glamorous world of beautiful people. Because who cares if the majority of your beauty could be removed with a moist tissue and you haven’t seen food in a week as long as you look pretty.
While I myself, along with the vast majority of women and even some men, take the time each day to painstakingly wrestle my bed head into submission and smear on that second skin of cosmetics, I find myself wondering why we feel the need to do this. We constantly compare ourselves to others around us, spending money on miracle creams and cosmetics that we hope will somehow make us more acceptable to society. Do we honestly believe that loosing those last ten pounds and taking that extra time to cover up every flaw will somehow make people like us more? That fitting into size 0 jeans is more important than being comfortable in a bigger size?
However with thin being “In” most clothing lines don’t exactly try to accommodate anyone over a size 4 or curvier than your average flag pole. The way beauty is measured is bizarre if anything, in some cultures having an outrageously long neck or having many piercings is attractive. In our culture we consider beauty being boarder line anorexic and having so much makeup on that a sudden rain storm would result in something along the lines of ones face melting off. Despite the fact that this beauty is truly fleeting these people are often considered better than others.
Individuals considered particularly beautiful people are even given jobs where they are paid enormous sums of money to showcase clothing lines. Ironically these people are about as far from the average human as can be, so the fact that they model clothes for regular people is humorous considering anyone except these models could ever think of fitting into one of these outfits. Beauty is truly a strange but accepted concept in our society, it makes you better than others and gives you permission to look down on those poor souls that just weren’t born as perfect as you were.
Being beautiful makes up for silly little faults like having no personality at all or perhaps being a genuinely awful person. It can even help you to become more successful in life, because let’s be honest who wants to hire someone who is talented, kind, and hardworking when they could have someone who is nice to look at around the office. Maybe someday we can come to accept our flaws and realize that looking like a living Barbie doll isn’t the meaning of life. But until we wade through the hair spray haze and open our mascara caked eyes we can at least take comfort in knowing that for now being pretty really is everything.

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