Event That Changed My Life

Published: 2021-09-15 10:35:10
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We loaded our van with a camp, stoves, blankets and lots of food item. In the summer, the forest looked beautiful. The trees were full of berries and mushrooms were everywhere. The unbelievable silence prevailed everywhere that was occasionally interrupted with only by birds or insects. The Green lake had very low temperature water, even on the hottest days. When I even touched it, my feet shivered from its chilliness. We camped near the lake. Soon, every one got busy with fishing, swimming and playing fames. Sometimes, we left two people at the camp, and went to discover some other interesting places.
During one of these trips, we had to cross a deep and narrow river which had such a strong current that we could not swim across it. This place was wild and of course there was no bridge. We solved this problem with the two planks of wood. Half of us crossed the river without fear but when my turn came, the fear thrilled though my veins. I was not a good swimmer therefore it was a serious problem for me. I tried not to be afraid and said to myself, “yes, you can do it”, and started going. My legs were trembling but I continued to keep my balance. When I was watching my steps, I could see the strong current. Yet I kept saying myself. A few more steps and you are done. ” At the moment when I was half way across, suddenly, the log turned and lost my balance. I fell down on the log and my whole body became wet instantly. I felt that I was carried away by the stream. I waved my hands desperately trying to swim, but the current forced me straight ahead. Despite all the water around me, my throat was dry. I felt myself getting tired and panic. Eventually, I grabbed a branch of a tree that was growing almost in the river. Then, my fellows threw me an end of the rope and pulled me out. I was coughing and felt dizzy, but it was good to feel the ground under my feet again.
After everything was over, we returned to our camp and after a while, everybody seemed to forget what happened to me. When somebody brought it up, he just made fun of it. It was not funny for me though. I could not help thinking that I had started crossing the river just because I did not want to look like a coward in front of my friends. Who knows what could have happened to me, if I had not seized the branch. I could have drowned easily. One minute ago I was happy and another I did not know where I was going to. After this incident, I am afraid of not only water, but also going to lakes and river.

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