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Published: 2021-10-07 12:15:12
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I have gained a lot of experience involving to real job situation. The staffs of Internal Auditing Office treat me as nice as I’m one of them. They helped me with the things that I must learn about their office as well as the company. Every Monday, NEECO I conduct a flag raising ceremony which every employee must be present of. I and the other On-The-Job trainees must also have to attend the ceremony.
There are also events that the OJT are involved some of these are the blessing of the NEECO I gymnasium and of the consumers oval garden. The guest of this event is the NEA administrator. The General Manager of NEECO I discussed here the accomplishment NEECO I have achieved and its aim. In my training I used to arrange and manage records manually. A service memorandum has to be logged before releasing. I also encode some records like bills write offs and print it after it was finished. Write offs from a town took one week to finish.
There are also some records that need to be encoded before filling like purchase orders. I am so thankful with this opportunity to work with them as a trainee because I have applied and developed what I have learned from the school. This experience also helped me learn how to deal with problems that I may encounter with my future job. During my On – The – Job Training in Nueva Ecija Electric Cooperative I, there was no considerable problem in my place assignment. The problems that arise are mostly because I was not used to working in that environment. Some of these are:
At first, I had lack of self confidence and hard time searching the right approach on the staff of our office although they all show kindness to me. I am not consistent on my early attendance, sometimes I got late which is not a good thing about a real job situation. And because of being late sometimes I forgot to record my time-in attendance so I had to go and ask the guards to sign my daily time record. Sometimes my work does not meet my supervisor’s instructions. I misunderstand what he wanted me to do. So I had to repeat it again and meet the instruction.
Searching in the filing cabinet, it took more time for me to find some files because I am not familiar of those files and another thing is; some of those files are not arranged well. Some filling folders are over populated; others are misplaced. To overcome these problem I have to adopt the working environment of NEECO I, specially the department of the Internal Auditor. If at first I am shy of approaching my trainers, I have overcome it by being friendly and I have figured out that it is not difficult to do because of the way they treat me as an On-The-Job Trainee. And because of that, I did not find it difficult in conducting my OJT.
I also found a way of not being always late. I discipline m self by rising early every morning. I think of this OJT as my real job so I can be more serious about it. In order to accomplish what is assigned to me, I had to do it step by step, and check it for several times as soon as it was finished. I also have to widen my understanding so I would not failed, I have be to on myself, and avoid being absent minded. To find an ease in searching files in the filing cabinet, I have arranged some files in a proper way of arrangement. My trainer also told me to encode some of those files so it can be traced easily.
I have encoded it in Microsoft excel where he told me to follow the pattern of saving it. In this OJT, I am expecting to know what a real job situation is; to have an experience about the real job and how this experience can affect the attitude of an employee. I am also expecting to face the risk in dealing with the tasks assigned to us; and to experience the pressure regarding with the time of accomplishing a task; to have the discipline that is needed in a real job; to learn the right approach in communicating with other trainees or employees; and to learn how to enjoy a job in despite of those pressure.
I am also expecting to test or apply my skills if how can these be helpful for me and also to test the how far the knowledge that I gained inside the school. I expect to adopt some knowledge which is something related in my course; and how this knowledge will utilized my skills so I can test myself if I am ready to face a real job environment. I expect to face obstacles that would build up my personality, obstacles that require focus on work and knowledge; that test the flexibility of an individual.

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