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Published: 2021-09-15 06:10:09
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Ethical considerations for providing emergency contraception’s to rape victims requires all hospitals to provide information and access to emergency contraceptive to victims of sexual assault. Plan B, an oral synthetic hormone, is the most common type of emergency contraception and is often called the “morning after pill. ” Supporters of the legisla¬tion argue that emergency contraception is a medically accepted way of preventing preg¬nancy and does not represent an abortion.
A group specifically formed to make sure access to emergency contraception for rape, incest, and domestic violence victims, state that vic¬tims of sexual assault should have access to the best available treatment. Proponents stressed the importance of giving victims of sexual assault medically and factually accurate and unbiased information and the choice to prevent an unintended pregnancy. Even though the American Medical Association’s medically accepted standard of care includes administering emer¬gency contraception, only some hospitals unconditionally provide emergency contraception to rape victims.
Access to emergency contraception has been a heavily debated issue because there has to be a balance between protecting health care provider’s religious and moral beliefs on one hand, and providing a uniform standard of care and maintaining patient rights on the other. This principle constitutes an important approach to the analysis of ethical questions arising from the general obligation to preserve human life and the limits of that obligation.
Among other questions, the principle addresses whether the forgoing of life-sustaining treatment constitutes a euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide in certain circumstances and it guides individuals and surrogate decision-makers in the weighing of benefits and burdens. If I were a judge in the Brownfield v. Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital case, I would have agreed with the other judges because I believe that providers, regardless of their own religious beliefs have to perform their duty.
Their duty is to provide care for their patients as well as provide information and access to treatment that they may not agree with. Honestly, I cannot imagine being raped and being denied the right to make my own informed decision about my care or body. Really who would want to have a child by someone who had sex with you that you did not consent to and you are being forced to have that child because a provider or hospital is unwilling to treat you or give crucial information.
I understand that hospitals have their vision and mission statements that they abide by but there are certain circumstances that override those vision and mission statements. The Hippocratic Oath is an oath taken by physicians and other healthcare professionals swearing to practice medicine ethically and ethically victims of sexual assault should be treated with compassion and understanding. Health care providers who treat sexual assault victims should provide medically accurate information and be given psychological support. A woman who has been raped should be able to protect herself from possible conception and receive treatments.

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