Essential Questions for 12 Angry Men

Published: 2021-08-07 11:40:08
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How do people change based on the personalities contained in a group? People can change based on the personalities contained in a group. For example, if the personalities in a group are positive and supportive, then each person’s self-esteem is boosted up and he or she will speak his or her mind. However, if the personalities in a group are aggressive or assertive, then each person might be less willing to speak his or her mind and go along with the group.
Not only that, but a typical person wouldn’t stand up for something alone. He/she would instead go with the majority of people. In a group of 100 people, each person with his/her opinion, at least 30 % of those 100 would stand up against everyone else. 2. How does an individual influence the opinion or actions of a group? An individual can influence a group of people just by being different. The group obviously has to have people with different talents, characteristics, or experiences.
In order to influence each person, a person should consider the other person’s point of view and make the argument in terms he or she understands. Of course, there also has to be a person who likes standing out, who likes being the center of attention. In addition, there can’t be a person who will stand alone without an explanation or knowledge. These individuals might be more difficult to influence; it is probably a good idea to focus on the others. . To what extent would you stand up for what you believe in? I would stand up for what I believe in unless given reasonable doubt or pressured into doing so. If I was to be pressured, it wouldn’t do much good. I don’t succumb to peer pressure at all. Not even if I was threatened would I give in. I would stand up for what I believe in for a very long time. To me, I could do this because I follow my gut and brain.

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