Entertainment During Ww2

Published: 2021-08-11 03:00:06
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The entertainment industry during World War II underwent changes to help aid the cause of the war. During this time, it was often controlled by a country’s government. Since the governments believed that a supportive home front was crucial to their countries’ victory, they generally sought to keep the civilian spirits high and to depict the war in a positive light. With this motive in mind, governments engaged in the regulation and censorship of the forms of media, as well as the introduction of new methods of informing citizens through these media outlets.
Government censorship of mass media was enforced in much of the world during this time period in fear of threatening the domestic harmony of a nation. Some of the most popular forms of entertainment during World War II were radio, film, and music. These forms of media kept citizens entertained with a pastime, informed about their country’s war efforts, and motivated to contribute to the cause of the war. Television was first displayed at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, and the first TV shows aired in 1941. It seemed to be a popular new idea ready to take off, but then the U. S. ent to war and TV didn’t really catch on until after the war was over. Radio however, remained very popular. In comparison to television, radio was a much more affordable form of entertainment. Because of this, the radio was the most popular form of entertainment at the time. Radio stations fueled propaganda and reached a countless number of citizens. Many shows popularized and quickly gained influence in certain countries. People listened to the radio to hear music or listen to the news. There were also all kinds of programs on the radio – dramas, comedies, children’s shows and action adventures.
Some favorite kids’ shows at that time were Superman and the Lone Ranger. Radio broadcasts, like other forms of entertainment at the time, were regulated by the government and were pushed to keep citizens informed about war efforts and to encourage citizens to help the cause. Between 1942 and 1945, during World War II, Walt Disney was involved in the production of propaganda films for the US government. The widespread familiarity of Walt Disney’s productions benefited the US government in producing pro-American war propaganda in an effort to increase support for the war. Disney made films for every branch of the US military and government.
The government looked to Walt Disney more than any other studio chief as a builder of public morale providing instruction and training to the sailors and soldiers. ” This was accomplished through the use of animated graphics by means of expediting the intelligent mobilization of servicemen and civilians for the cause of the war. Over 90% of Disney employees were devoted to the production of training and propaganda films for the government. Throughout the duration of the war, Disney produced over 400,000 feet of educational war films, most at cost, which is equal to 68 hours of continuous film.

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