Electronic and Non Electronic Ways of Communicating

Published: 2021-09-22 06:50:07
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Electronic Methods for communicating Business Information There are a range of different electronic methods for communicating business information that Tesco could use and one of them is by E-mail. E-mail also known as Electronic mail is a way of exchanging digital messages from one or more individuals to another.
With E-mails you can accept, deliver, store and forward messages. E-mails are not expensive because to be able use to e-mails you only need internet connection which nearly enough every business has.This could be as useful way of communicating business information for Tesco because it’s very private and personal. Also it could be a way for the bosses at Tesco to communicate with their employees letting them know anything happening with the organisation for example if there is takeover happening at the organisation and some employees are about to be let go it’s a way for them to let these employees know privately instead of putting it on a notice board which could be embarrassing for them.The information on these E-mails could be viewed from a computer, PDA or phone. Another Electronic method communicating Business information for Tesco is by Mobile phone. A mobile phone is a telecommunications device which provides voice communication and Text Messaging (SMS) and nowadays newer mobile phones provide internet services which include web browsing and emails.
Also Mobile phones can operate over a wide area without the need of for bases or cables.Mobile phones are an important tool in communicating business information because with mobile phones Tesco are able to contact customers quickly letting them know of any sales that might be occurring at their stores and by doing this it could be very profitable for them as a business. Mobile phones will improve communication between employer and employee at Tesco which is beneficial for Tesco to be able to run smoothly. Tesco could also use video conferencing as way of communicating Business Information. A video conference is a range of technologies used for communication with others who are distant through video.This type of communication can take place between individuals or groups. Tesco could use this type of communication to communicate with their suppliers who might be in a different country so this means that Tesco doesn’t have to spend a lot of money by sending on their employees out of the country.
Video conferencing can allow Tesco to record and save meetings that they have with their suppliers incase they might need the information exchanged during the meeting in the future. Fax (Facsimile) could also be another electronic method Tesco could use to communicate business information.A fax is a document sent over a telephone by electronic scanning. Tesco can use this type of communication in cases like if the top CEO’s of the Tesco organisation wants to send information such as how the Tesco branch is performing and also information such as profits they can just fax it over to the Branch without having to use a lot of energy and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. This type of communication is essential for situations when a hard copy of a document is needed. Non electronic ways of communicatingThere are also non-electronic ways of communicating business information that Tesco could use such as Notice Boards. Notice boards are a surface intended for the posting of public messages, for example, to advertise items wanted or for sale, announce events, or provide information.
Tesco could use notice boards at their branches to communicate with their staff information such as shift change or upcoming staff meetings. also they could use notice boards to advertise upcoming events they might be hosting so by putting it on a notice board customers can have a look at it and make the choice whether to attend or not.Another non-electronic way of communicating business information is using a Memorandum (MEMO). A memo is a written type of communication most often used in business environments. Tesco could use this type of communication when they want to send legal documents containing information such as a short outline of contract agreements between them and an employee. Tesco can also use memos to remind their employees of things like work behaviour or tasks they need completed.However this type of communication this type of communication is not suitable for occasions of business communication.
Also Tesco can use the verbal type of communication to communicate business information. This type of communication includes things like meetings and discussions because they involve a lot of talking. This type of communication is essential for Tesco because they can communicate business information face to face in a short time and also it lets Tesco employers and employees exchange ideas on maybe how to boost profits which is important for any business.

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