Effect of Growing Internet Newspapers on Circulation

Published: 2021-10-10 18:05:19
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Small and medium-sized print newspapers showed obvious decreasing circulation since 1990 while the declining trend was not evident for large newspapers. The readership of the Internet newspaper had been considerably growing since 1995. However, scale of the circulation decline of print newspapers did not show evident replacing effect of the Internet newspapers. About half of the publishers and online editors did not regard the Internet newspaper as a major factor that reduced readership of print newspapers.
Keywords: Online newspaper, relative constancy, replacing effect, newspaper circulation, Internet survey Effect of Growing Internet Newspapers on Circulation of Print Newspapers in the U. S. Early in 1986, when new interactive technologies had been available only for several years in the United States, Rogers pointed out that “their potential effect was quite high. ” He argued the new media were shaking the foundations of how communication could occur. The potential uses were intriguing and the scale of effects was “staggering. l As the Internet newspaper developed in the early 1990s, enthusiasm for online newspapers led some media analysts to predict that “printed newspapers would disappear in the near future. 2 As the Internet grew, print newspaper users appeared to be shrinking. 3 Considering the advantages of the Internet newspaper over print newspapers, a question arises: Has the Internet newspaper already derived readers from print newspapers? The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of Internet newspapers on circulation of print newspapers in the United States since 1995.
This study aims to find changes of print newspaper circulation and the Internet newspaper readership from 1995 to 2000 and LITERATURE REVIEW Effect of New Media Technology on Old Media New technologies ring new opportunities as well as threats to existing media. 4 Rogers discussed the effects of television on film and radio in the 1950s in the United States and noted that leisure time use was affected, as television grabbed huge gobs of time away from radio-listening, reading, and other activities. In a study of the effect of new technology on existing mass media advertising revenues and consumer spending between 1929-1968, McCombs proposed the hypothesis of relative constancy. He found that media spending by consumers roughly parallel the growth of consumers’ income. Consumer spending on mass media was constant over time.

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