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Published: 2021-06-16 01:35:03
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Children are always asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up” and children being children with simple ideas and desires will answer with simple answers like pilot or a doctor. But as we grow older, we develop more complex desires and want to go beyond the limits set for us. We might still want to be doctors who help others but most people will change their minds and take it a step further and say no they would rather be psychiatrists who specialize in children with mental disorders. That is the benefit of the times we live in. We can do whatever we want to satisfy these desires and go beyond the limits. If people were to ask me what I want to be now, I’d go beyond a programmer and say my goal is to be an App Developer in the world’s top company, Apple.
Whenever I told someone my goal, they would laugh; they would taunt and tell me I could never accomplish such a task. Being an Application Developer for Apple is obviously easier said than done, but when I think about doing it, I think of the famous quote said by John Heywood “Nothing is impossible to a willing heart”. The industry itself is a massive one, meaning competition will be intense as it is a fairly new field, and the need for capable programmers is now greater than ever. Not only that, there are many naturally talented people out in the world that follow the same goals as I do, forcing me to work twice as hard so that I stand out and turn my dream into reality.
There are numerous things that motivate me to reach my goal of becoming an App Developer for Apple. The tech savvy atmosphere I will be working in and the money are just a couple perks of working at Apple. These perks combined with doing something I love is something that every man or women want as everyone has desires, and only when a human truly fulfills these desires, can they reach true happiness. And, to me, my dream job is my desire. When someone looks for a dream job they look to be somewhere where they feel respected, needed, and more than just any other employee. With a job like the App Developer at Apple, I will have the opportunity to become these things, which is why it is my goal.
In order to reach this goal, one of the steps I will take is gaining experience in programming and engineering. As a young adult in his twelfth year of schooling, I have many programs and lectures I can attend to help me gain knowledge that will put me ahead of my competition. A Master’s in Computer Science would be required as I will be learning the programming skills necessary to make the best devices out there even better. A Master’s degree would mean specializing in one specific area which boosts my chances of getting employed. Keeping up to date with technology is also essential in this field as new technology is always being invented and old technology is always being improved upon. Obtaining a job at Apple is not an easy task, but with a plan and the dedication I can pursue my goal of becoming an App Developer at Apple.
A goal is something that will make us truly happy when we finally achieve it. My goal of being an App Developer is an opportunity for me to become who I’ve always wanted to be. Most people’s goal is to just get a job that they’ll be happy with but with the right education and experience, my goal will not just make me happy but also fulfill my deepest desire to reach my maximum potential. The opportunities to have my goal come true of making a new App that will not only leave behind my name, but at the same time support me and my family. That is why it is not just a job for me, but a goal that I look forward to living when the opportunity arrives.

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