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Published: 2021-09-10 02:05:09
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But in this program, it provides the student information, questionnaires, and automatically computes the scores/equivalent of the examination. Project Study Definition & Description Conducting entrance examinations becomes very difficult as it is perceived in terms of leakage of question papers, copying, lack of seriousness in setting question papers, evaluation and also making the merit list when it comes to a manual way. There are a lot of legal cases have also become a routine affair delaying the academic session too.
Entrance Examination System describes and explains the proper way on how to organize an individual test of a student. The main goal of this system is to process a proper and decent automated entrance examination for incoming college students, in order to obtain the proper and easier way of organizing the admissions data of an institution.
Description of the Study Entrance Examination System provides an entrance examination for users/students that are systematically accurate. It is an automated examination that will provide faster results and information of the student’s exam. . Policies Related to the Study An individual must agree with the conditions for the admission and policies of Entrance Examination System. It provides the proper way of processing the entrance examination of a student. Entrance Examination requires/includes the following: Student Information Examination Questionnaire Grade/Result of Entrance Examination All the examination questionnaires are related to your high school academic subjects. Your answers will be recorded and checked by the system after answering all the question.
The current system is as mentioned earlier was very complicated and expensive as compared to the new system.  Description of the Properties System The Description for the properties of the system are to make the system fast, clear explained, flexible, less prone to errors and reduce expenses and save time. Time can be saved in scheduling the exams if it were available to make question and store questions for different subjects. It can update or add subjects too. Entrance Examination System can automate the checking of answers so that results can be generated or print as soon as the student completed the exam.
It has Student and Faculty records which can be used only by authorized personnel. The Entrance Examination System is more secure in managing user records and reliable enough to be used in any condition.Feasibility Analysis A key part of the Examination System is to review the benefits and recommends a course of action based on operational, technical, economic, and time factors. The purpose of the study is to determine if the systems request should proceed further and provide questions for the entrance examination of a student and will automatically calculates the result of the exam.

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