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Published: 2021-08-21 16:30:07
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According to the book called Stress Consequences edited by George Fink (2010), it says “Approximately 90% of suicide victims have a psychiatric illness at the time of their death. ” Some people think psychiatric illness is generated by stress. Although they deem stress bad, other people claim that stress is beneficial. Actually the fact is that humans benefit a lot from stress.
Because stress can promote blood circulation, motivate individual potential and enhance efficiency. Opponents of this idea assert that people become anxious when they face stress for a long time, and with anxiety accumulating day by day, people become fragile and weak. The other people claim that not all people are under stress everyday, since they can do something else to be happy. Furthermore, mild stress can promote blood circulation so that the capacity of people for handling stress is greater.
Nowadays, people have to try something new and learn more skills, but all of these increase the burden on people. The stress makes people lose their confidence and be nervous to face life. Those who disagree with the idea maintain that stress can help people improve themselves since stress can motivate the individual potential when they are trying new things, even more, their confidence can be increased. Opponents have the idea that stress makes people lose their enthusiasms for work and study so that they are inefficient.
To a certain extent what they indicate is right. But on the other hand, appropriate stress can enhance their attention and capacity, thereby, the efficiency can be increased. In conclusion, appropriate stress is “…there is now convincing evidence that people often experience benefits following stress and trauma, these benefits have been various labeled adversarial growth, benefit finding…” (Stress Consequence, George Fink, 2010). As the book says, people can benefit from stress.

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