Do footballers get paid too much?

Published: 2021-06-23 08:20:05
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I would like to begin with saying that I in personal opinion believe that the majority of footballers get paid too much. The average premier league footballer wages have reached ? 22,353 a week this is before the ludicrous bonuses this adds up to ? 1. 16million a year!! However it all depends on what you mean by footballer. A footballer could be anyone that plays football, so this means that not all footballers even get paid (as a footballer). So ‘Do Footballers Get Paid Too Much’ is a very open to interpretation, and doesn’t have a simple yes no answer.
Also being a footballer is a very unpredictable job and if you suddenly get an injury your whole career would be over and you would have nothing to fall back on than the money that you have already earn. They also have travel around the world so often back to back to play matches here and there which are as you could imagine exhausting work. Most footballers stop playing quiet young, usually around the age 30. So if you start playing premier league at age 25 then you could only be playing for 5 years.
And because football is quite demanding most footballers might not have many other qualifications so that they could get a reasonably paid job after they stop playing football. However I’m not going to deny that prem league footballer do get paid too much money. This money could be used to better the country in other ways. The money could be used to improve the NHS or other areas that need drastic attention. If you compare the pay wage of a surgeons who can earn a basic salary of between ? 29,000 and ? 44,000 a year, to a prem league footballer who could earn up to ?
1. 16 million a year you can see how messed up the system is! Comparing the two jobs together you can see how much harder a surgeons job is. We put our life in the hands of a surgeon yet a prem footballer gets paid nearly ? 1 million more! I would like to conclude by saying that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but I believe that footballers get paid way too much for the little that they do. And that we should stop paying them so much and start to pay our other professions more like surgeons, nurses, doctors, soldiers etc. a lot more money.

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