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In recent years divorce has become more popular than ever before. Infidelity issues are one of the most common reasons for divorce. People often rush into marriage before they really get to know each other and they realize they should have never gotten married. Once couples are married they realize they dont share the same values and this can lead to common grounds for divorce. The age at which people are getting married seems as though it is getting younger as the years progress.
Alcoholism and drug abuse can also help destroy any marriage. Many people who are married and have infidelity issues often try counseling to fix their marriage problems. “A marriage that has experienced infidelity in either partner has deep wounds that can trace their origin back to the time before the Infidelity even occurred, though that may be sometimes hard to Imagine. ” If the couples have their mind set on divorce counseling will not work. In order to survive infidelity issues couples must work together and overcome the infidelity issues they are facing.
Marriage counseling, infidelity-related or otherwise, is an invaluable aid in a situation that can otherwise have moments of feeling utterly insurmountable. ” As the years pass It Is common to see people getting married without full knowledge of who they are marrying. Couples who date for a certain time period often say, “l love you” and not, “I’m In love with you. ” “l love you,” Is three words that often confuse a relationship and sometimes are words said without meaning. “Marriages are sacred vows and hence should be undertaken only when two people in love are willing to nter into a lifetime commitment. Sadly to say marriage is often the eye opener as to why some people should not be together. No two people will ever share all the same values In a marriage. Even though they do not posses all the same values the concept of their values will be similar. mfour values are determined over many years and are Influenced by countless things Including your family (or even lack of family). ” “Our values tend not to shift too much when we get past our early twenties. ” Core values should be the same it can help the marriage be successful and healthy.
According to the National Center For Health Statistics, in almost half of all marriages involving a bride who is 18 years old or younger at the time of marriage, separation or divorce occurs within 10 years. ” At 18 years old couples do not understand the true value of marriage and should go through counseling before they even consider marriage. “Many couples who marry young face financial difficulties that can place a severe strain on their new relationship. ” Financial woes are sometimes the death of any relationship.
Studies conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health and other research institutions have shown that most people reach a state of mental maturity at about age 25. ” “Many people who marry young experience problems In dealing with their new spouse’s family. ” “Substance abuse can affect overall marital satlsTactlon ana quallty” Alconol anuse can single nanoe01y destroy any marriage. It makes the spouse unable to carry out any day to day tasks for the family and or their job. “The most devastating effect of substance abuse is domestic violence.
The best way to help the spouse with this abuse is to send them to rehab. If they refuse rehab then divorce is the only option left. “According to the Mayo Clinic, a marriage counselor should be used to assist the family in its effort to rebuild the family structure and re-establish boundaries. ” Divorce is very popular in todays society. People should try several options before deciding divorce is the final option. Infidelity issues can be worked out through a lot of dedication and hard work through counseling. Couples should get to know each ther before rushing to the altar.

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