Disadvantages of mobile phones in social relationship

Published: 2021-07-04 05:25:05
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?The development of mobile phones brought convenient and advantages to the world. Communication between people and people are easier and fast. Though, the disadvantages brought along with the fast grown technology cannot be ignored. These problems not only influenced people personally but also the society. The problem is many people do not make effective use of the mobile phone device as they should, which often affect our social lives negatively. Cyber-sickness: With the increased addiction to social networks and internet games, people are spending more time on computers and give up on their normal offline life.
This has resulted into relation breakups and increases loneliness. Social implications – access to harmful information which corrupts people’s minds and drives them to commit crime. People use search engines to find information on how to create harmful weapons and how to commit wrong acts in society. health affected from the use of mobile phones because it contains magnetic waves. Mobile phones contain magnetic waves which is dangerous to human especially young children who immune system doesn’t enough develop yet. They might suffer a severe disease such as brain cancer.
Compare to the adult, the children have the potential to be affected is higher. Thus, the use of mobile phones affected the children health. Additionally, people spend less time bonding with there family and friends. • Next,people just contact through phone and became too lazy meeting outside. • Mobile phones also disturb us on our works and studies he Disadvantages of Mobile Phones Every coin has two faces. Same goes with the mobile technology. It has numerous advantages but it also brings with it some disadvantages. Effect on Health One of it is the radiations of mobile phones that are causing serious health hazards to the users.
The mobile phone users are more prone to brain tumors, ear defects, headaches and blurring of vision. The mobile phones use microwave radiations to transmit data or more clearly they use these radiations to connect. For this base stations are to be installed in various parts of the city so that effective coverage can be given to the users. These microwaves lead to serious health problems. it can cause the damage to the DNA, a causative factor for mutation in species, eye vision getting blurred and eye cancer, infertility, hyperactivity in new born children and
different type of damages to the ear and tympanic membrane which can cause hearing defects in the individuals who excessively use mobile. Addiction in teenagers Due to low priced services in the form of postpaid and prepaid the teenagers can easily avail mobile telephony. Here the benefits get converted to disadvantages when the device is over used every time and at every place. The teenagers are talking of the services, giving and receiving text messages; downloading wallpapers and ringtones and playing games.
They by this way get detached with the other important activities which are so important for their social and personality development. No personal life You keep it with you all the time and everywhere. You take it with you in an important meeting. You are discussing an important aspect of the budget for approval. At this point the mobile beeps and you get distracted from the important thing that you were discussing. Take another situation. You are on a vacation and relaxing on beach. Just then the mobile vibrates and when you receive the call it is just another sales advertisement by the service company

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