Analysis Of Canadian Business Environment

Published: 2021-10-19 19:00:12
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Foreign investment is very important for an economy. In Canada, for foreign investment there is a need to take the approval by the federal government. When the foreign investment increases, it will result into better economy. Canada provides various loans and subsidies to business farmers. The (CALA) Canadian Agriculture Loan Act program is made whose main motive is to provide finance to farmers and agricultural Co-operatives. Farmers can use these loans (a) Establish (b) Improve (c) Development.
Economic EnvironmentEconomy of Canada considers some main points. First is the gross domestic product .i.e. $1.640 (2017) (2) and its rank is 10th nominal (2), unemployment rate 5.7 (3), GDP per capita income $44.
773 (2). Canada exports various things .i.e. Motor vehicle, Plastics, Fibers, Wood pulp, Timber .i.e.
390.1 (4) and their partners are United States (76.2%), China (4.1%), EU (7.7%) (4) And imports are oil, chemicals, Electricity, Durable consumer goods .i.e.
416.6 (4). Public debt 98.2% GDP (2017) (5)Social EnvironmentDifferent person have different values, women & cultures. They Purchase things acc to their tradition or custom. It is very important to make the things according to customer preference. A particular clothing store in which only traditional clothes are available, these are not suitable for western people but more suitable for Indian people because of cultural factors various market segment are available on which stress is given i.
e. Mass marketing [one which marketing strategy to appeal to a broad range of consumer] E.g. – Wall mart. Market Segmentation (division of large market into smaller homogeneous market on the basis of common needs).Technological EnvironmentTechnology is one of the important factors that make Canada a successful country. Various inventions were founded by the National research council of Canada (NRCC).
Computing and AnimationKey frame animation was co-invented by Nestor Burtnyk at the NRC in the 1970 (6).The UNO dicycle was invented by Ben Gulag while stats a teenage in 2006. (7)There are many technological companies i.e. Stack adopt Toronto, Top Hat, Pyrowave Montreal for making important in technology. Lot of expenditure is needed in the research & development. In Canada, the issue of net neutrality is not as politically partition.
The CRTC is an administrative treatment of the govt. various unreal policies are formed to the internet regulation in year 2017 budget.Legal EnvironmentLegal system means rules, regulations and laws which a person has to follow. Legal system means the laws which or written, which or written, organized unforced and interpreted various imp laws are criminal law, federal law, provincial law, copyright law. The Supreme Court of Canada in the court of Canada and in the final court of appeal for doing any business there are some restrictions same is there in Canada various factors like taxation, copyright, trademarks, protecting and consumer protection are the main. Most important is the Canadian Intellectual property law i.e.
government by both provincial and federal prediction.Above is the main factor which effect the Canadian economy and it is very important to study this factors.Template: = poll & dir = par & document = index & languageInternational Monetary Fund “Report for selected countries and subjects: Canada Retrieved Oct 1, 2017.Statistic Canada: “Canada’s – unemployment rate” statcan.gc.
ca Retrieved 2017-08-19.”Canada –WTO Statistic Database”. World Trade Organization. Retrieved 1 March 2017.”Public Department of Canada” CIA World Fact book 2017. Retrieved 10 July 2017.Retired NRC scientist Burtnyk honored as father of computer animation technology in Canada 1996.
Ottawa citizen (23, Aug, 1950). Callow bus had a hydraulic ramp.

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