Dichotomy in Society and Literature

Published: 2021-10-07 15:05:16
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A common dichotomy people make in American society is that of rural and urban lifestyles. A separation of classes is also associated with this dichotomy in that people who live in urban areas, such as cities, are financially well off and usually have more powerful jobs; whereas rural residents are not as well off, but live a modest lifestyle in regions with few inhabitants. Urban areas are equipped with modern amenities and technology, which act as catalysts in informing and educating residents in urban neighborhoods of up-to-date news, trends, and advancements.
Due to a greater availability of modern facilities, along with an increase in the number of educational facilities and career opportunities, people of urban areas tend to lead an economically more stable and luxurious lifestyle. On the contrary, rural areas are not swarmed with the hustle and bustle of urban cities. Homes are widely spaced out, with farms and fields in between. Due to a relatively lesser number of people inhabiting rural areas, there are fewer educational institutions and even less job opportunities that involve skills besides farming or working the rural land.
While the rural lifestyle is deprived of luxury and technology, it is rich in terms of its relationship with nature. The urban lifestyle is updated in terms of technology and career prospects. This dichotomy is present throughout America because of occupational differences, environmental differences, variations in the sizes of communities, and diversification in social stratification and in the systems of social interaction. The social binary boundary of male and female is probably the most common dichotomy in the world.
Classifying a person as male or female is usually an extremely simple task. Males tend to have a broader body type, grow facial and body hair, possess male genitalia, and are easy to identify, in masculine terms. Similarly, females have classifying attributes such as smaller body frames, female genitalia, absence of facial hair, and contain other feminine attributes that make classifying people as either male or female a straightforward task. With few exceptions, the human population either identifies as female or male without any overlap.
Only a male-female union can procreate, as well as share in the intimacies of a relationship that was established in the beginning of time. A dichotomy is a division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups. Dichotomies are separations of binary traits that divide phenomena into one of two opposite categories. Dichotomies are a necessary attribute of any typology. For example, in classifying gender, one cannot be both male and female simultaneously. Similarly, one cannot live in a rural and urban area at the same time.
This disjointing without overlap is what allows for structure and order in society. The classifications made by dichotomies are necessary for groups so that they may identify with a certain title and live out that particular role to better society. For example, a female’s main role in society is to bear children to continue life on Earth; her title of ‘female’ is carried out when she bears a child. In conclusion, dichotomies are vital in society because they draw the boundaries in which civilization continues to live by.

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