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Published: 2021-10-12 11:10:13
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Santander is the capital of Cantabria, it is situated on the north cost of Spain. The city has a fantastic location between the sea and the mountains, therefore it offers a wide variety of breathless landscapes. I would say it is not too big, it is medium-sized, and I find it so beautiful for walking around. It is surrounded by fabulous beaches views, thus you can enjoy the town and the sea at the same time. The most popular of Santander beaches is “El Sardinero” which lies a couple of kilometres from the entre.
This beach has magnificent views and the fine white sand makes it very elegant. It is also a very clean beach. For this reason in the summertime it is very crowded and if you go by car there is no place to park. The main building of Santander is the huge Cathedral with its amazing interior. It is situated in the very centre, near to the city hall. Palacio de la Magdalena is another important building. Besides it is the most visited place of the city. It was the official summer residence for the royal family.
Nowadays it is used as a center for meetings and conferences. Santander has also a small port called Porto Chico, it is situated very close to the centre, but It is a very quiet area. It is full with small boats and it is surronded by beautiful coastal scenary. The city contains many public institutions and private organisations including University of Cantabria, Valdecilla Hospital and Grupo Santander. The mains streets of Santander are paseo Pereda, Reina Victoria Avenue and probably Burgos street which is the oldest one.
People say that Victoria Avenue is ne of the most scenic way to walk into the centre of Santander. Santander is full of restaurants, bars, shops and many tourism attractions. During the summer months many tourists come here to practice watersports as surfing and windsurfing. The major drawback to Santander is the traffic. People are used to go by car even if it’s a small city and public transport is on hand. I guess the best and the easiest way to travel around is simply by foot. To sum up, I think there are many good reason to visit Santander: it’s very safe and friendly city!

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