Deep Ocean and Abyssal Communities

Published: 2021-06-12 09:30:03
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Exploration of deep ocean and abyssal communities is a very challenging duty for scientists. Deep-Sea Exploration aims to survey and examine the different conditions of the ocean – physically, chemically, and biologically. Such is being conducted for both scientific and commercial reasons. Challenging as it is, the study of abyssal communities still waits for further discoveries and breakthroughs if compared with other fields of research.
Studying abyssal communities poses risks to the individuals responsible in performing the job. Their safety and security must be ensured. Special deep-sea machines or submersibles are required to be used. Although with recent innovations and intellectual inventors, the issue on the gadgets and machines to be used is not more of a problem.
The troubles or crises concern power and communication, since these are underwater researches. Above it all, the greatest challenge for deep ocean scientists are money and manpower.  They must get relevant financial grants and support from willing and capable institutions.
II. Coral Reefs and Human Activities 2. The Florida coral reefs, as well as many Caribbean coral reef communities are threatened by human activities. Discuss what these activities are and what feasible ways are there to protect these diverse marine communities.
One of the pressing issues concerning marine life is the declining health of what is considered as the ocean’s tropical forest – the coral reefs.  Being home to a great diversity of species, it remains an alarming matter that these communities are continually threatened by different human activities.
Human beings are held liable for some of the activities that destroy the coral reefs. One of these is the destructive fishing practices. Being an economic means, fishing is one of the activities regularly done by the fisher folks, who sometimes resort to illegal or harsh fishing techniques.
Examples of which are dynamite fishing, which upon explosion, hastily tears down the surrounding reefs   and using fish nets with very small holes, which captures even the very small fishes that are not yet ready for catching and are still thriving in the reefs. This eventually leads to imbalance in the marine ecosystem.
Another human activity damaging the coral reefs is water pollution. Chemicals, business and residential wastes make the water unhealthy for this marine community. Different agents of pollution cloud the water that obstruct or prevent sunlight from getting into the corals. Worse, this eventually leads to the complete destruction or death of the corals. The marine organisms have a difficult time competing for the limited sunlight they receive.
One intentional method of destroying coral reefs is for another economic purpose. Divers break the wonderful corals, which later will be sold as souvenir items. On this note, consumers must be alerted that they should not purchase these items as it is not allowed to take or get any species during diving or snorkeling.
With all these activities human beings are guilty of, there should be stricter implementation of policies supporting the protection of marine life. There must be consistent monitoring of the activities conducted in the marine communities. One of the more important strategies is to create awareness and appreciation among the people of the significant ecological functions of these diverse coral reefs so they can also act as caretakers instead of destroyers.
More educational campaigns and programs must be launched. After the awareness stage should be the involvement process. The communities and the beneficiaries of the water resources should be taught to develop a sense of ownership that will make them protect and conserve the resources they benefit from.
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