Dealing With Children Suffering From Add And Adhd

Published: 2021-06-13 01:55:03
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Over the years, attention problems have been blamed on everything from bad parenting to fluorescent lighting. It is now thought that ADHD is associated with disturbances in certain brain functions. In fact the National Institute of Mental Health tested 25 adults with ADHD symptoms and found that they metabolized glucose more slowly in the very areas of the brain that control movement and attention. In about 40 percent of ADHD cases, the individual’s genetic makeup seems to play a role.
 However, this particular fact should not make the parents of the children suffering from the said situation helpless with regards teaching the said individuals with the rightful education that they deserve. Through research, there are still those who have found exceptional procedures of teaching for such exceptional students.
General Training Strategies for Exceptional Students
According to the article of McIntyre entitled “Strategies for Teaching Youth with ADD and ADHD” dealing with children or young learners suffering from ADD and ADHD could actually be assisted with successfully through the consideration of the points that follow:
 Here are the methods that could be used in teaching exceptional students:
·Children who find it difficult to communicate may express their frustration in bad temper or aggressive behavior. This may mean keeping a note of what leads up to the bad behavior. In other words, trying to establish the triggers. This also includes the constant tracking of the child’s behavior, recording what he does and does not like and the emotional responses that he shows to different situations he finds himself in.
· Try to keep the classrooms structured and keep the child aware of the pattern of the day-you might use a picture timeline. Since school must be an accommodating place for a child with cerebral palsy, pictures could make it more enjoyable for the child and also easier to understand things that are essential for them to know.
·Have a de-stressing area and have a child learn what to do when he/she is angry or frustrated. As to what has been said earlier, it may not be that easy to express anger for these children as they tend to be violent at times. A de-stressing area may help them eliminate their anger without hurting anybody else or even ruining things in the rooms.
·Try to seat the child in area of low distraction at least for some of the time. This could include a creatively decorated area, which may serve as a reward every time a child is able to do something good. A child with the said disorder needs a time-off every now and then to relax their minds and body as well.
·Consult a physiotherapist or occupational therapist as to know the correct seating for the child. Since the disorder may vary from the different cases they belong to, the children having this disorder also have different needs as to space and location of their seats from the board or the study area itself. It is very important to consider this able to provide the child with the learning that he could be able to easily grasp.
·Allow the child a wider space in seating as he may fidget frequently and this may annoy others who are seating nearby. Sometimes, it’s even better to have a child sit by himself to avoid irritation on other kids.
·Lighting can affect a child with cerebral palsy so it is better to put the light behind them so that there would be no glare affecting their eyes as it may affect their learning process.
·Some children who are specially suspended concerning education have poor memories. They may have short concentration span and may have difficulties in retaining new vocabularies. They may better learn from pictures and lessons involving visual illustration. Like with any other normal children, this type of teaching strategy makes the classroom more enjoyable and learning becomes an easy job for the child.
·Use reinforcement method. This involves recalling the lessons learned from time to time. All the previously learned lessons must be reviewed both before and after the class to improve the memory skills of the children.
·Chalk and talk is not the best way to teach a child with cerebral palsy. Children with this disorder comprehends better with pictures, songs, rhymes and other sensual activities that makes their body and mind work making the learning environment seem to be more like a game. Pressures should be set aside in treating children with this case.
·Children with cerebral palsy can have difficulty with spatial awareness. As well as getting in other people’s way, it can cause problems with copying notes from the blackboard. If possible, get children to copy from the pages of their books. These books are to have enlarged printed notes. It may also help if the writing activities are lessened and replaced with joining phrases or points, drawing and singing activities.
·There could also be implemented a separate time when they learn alone and another time when they learn with a group. This will help the children be able to learn at their own pace and then enjoy activities with other children at some time of the study hours.
 It is indeed true that dealing with exceptional students in the educational systems require so much effort. The challenge that is opened to the educators who are supposed to deal with the said students is indeed an opportunity for them to measure their capability of educating students with special requirements.
This is the reason why educators for these type of students are required to have long patience and understanding concerning the needs of the children especially with regards to their emotional being and development. To be able to be successful with such learning difficulties, the involvement of the parents in the process of learning is a vital part of education for the said students. Hence, love for the students could be considered as the most essential part of educating exceptional students. This emotion and concern would naturally move the educators to have all the necessary skills for teaching special children and thus apply them regularly in dealing with the children’s learning needs. Reading is one particular subject that needs to be given focus by the educators in several learning institutions.
This is primarily because of the fact that reading skills spurs up the other learning capabilities of the students as young as kindergarten learners as per discussed in the earlier chapters of this paper. Moreover, without the ample attention given upon the importance of treading, the other levels of learning among young students would certainly suffer.
McIntyre, Ph.D., T(March 4, 2004). Strategies for Teaching Youth with ADD and ADHD. Retrieved February 14, 2007, from Dr. Macs Amazing Behavior Management Advice web site:

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