Dead Poets Society Outline Notes

Published: 2021-08-07 11:10:09
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I assumed the movie was going to be based on a secret group. 3) I thought this due to the fact that “Dead poet’s society” sounds like a secret group. 4) This movie title would seem to involve lots of poetic references such as Shakespeare or Edgar Allen Poe. 5) Dead poets might stand for all the poets in the past or could mean a poet that speaks daring things that would make them a “dead man” or a “dead poet” Paraphrase (Plot) 1) Seven boys: Neil, Todd, Knox, Charlie, Richard, Steven and Gerard attended an all-boy Prehistory School. ) In their English class, instructed by Mr. Keating, was designed to make the boys free thinkers (which was looked down at in the school). 3) The boys create the “dead poet’s socity” to and eventually get the idea to protest getting girls at their school. 4) The headmaster of the Academy finds out and is outraged and blames the teacher, Mr. Keating, for the chain of events even leading to one of the boy’s deaths. 5) As Mr. Keating grapes his final items all his students defy their new teacher for him and the film ends showing that Connotation )
The motif of the story is that it’s important to stand up for what’s right and think for yourself. 2) A symbol in the story is the desk kit because when he throws it symbolizes that his parents don’t completely control him and that he can learn to express himself. 3) 4) 5) Attitude 1) Todd Anderson is confident at the end by being the first to stand up in the classroom for his teacher. 2) “Wandona” is outraged when one of the members of the dead poet’s society ratted out their teacher. 3) Mr. Keating is gloomy when he had to leave to academy. 4) 5) Shift ) The scene goes for disturbed of the fact the boys don’t know what will happen to them to outraged when one of the embers sold their teacher out. 2) The scene goes form loving exiting the play to gloomy when he finds out that he may never act again. 3) The scene goes from gloomy of finding out the boy can’t act any more to despairing when he kills himself. 4) The scene goes from despairing when the boy commits suicide to serous when the school staff wants to know who is responsible. 5) The scene goes from proud when he touches the girls face to bitter when her boyfriend finds out.
Theme 1) The theme of the story is indivuality is just as important as the team. 2) This was emphasized in the video several times in several ways 3) One was in the court yard when they were marching to a different beat and then all marched completely together. 4) The creation of the Dead poets society was the next thing because they each had an individual poem to share but they all came together 5) The last and most impacting one of the story was when one by one the boys united together to solute their beloved yet sadly, now former teacher. Title

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