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Published: 2021-07-09 12:20:05
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In all of the USA’s history , poverty and homelessness are at an all time high. Within the rising poverty lives an 11 year old girl named Dasani who resides in the Auburn family residence homeless shelter in New York City. This shelter is for family’s who can not provide the bare minimum provisions for themselves. All though Dasani has a form of shelter, she is still homeless from the lack of family guidance that is supposed to be provided for her. All the struggles of homeless people could be relieved in numerous ways. Homelessness is a problem with many terrible effects, which must be solved/relieved.
Dasani is a victim of homelessness , she does have a roof over her head (barely), and livable amounts of food and water , but she is still a victim. What Dasani doesn’t have is the right guidence that she needs from her parents too better herself. Her parents are not very good examples for her, there iresponsibilities are part of the reason she is forced to live in such cruel conditions. Being homeless also means that the conditions of the place you live are healthy livable conditions. The room Dasani and her family live in at auburn, is barely livable at all.
The walls are decaying into dust, there beds are all torn to shreds , they don’t even have a bathroom, or a shower . A place like that does not sound like a home, or anyone for that matter, it is unfair and the conditions should improve in places like auburn. The root causes for Dasani and her family’s homelessness , are her parents irresponsibility with money , and the unfairness of the system. Dasani’s parents have never handled there money we’ll at all, even now that they are homeless they still neglect to save any money that they make, in the little amounts they make it.
They have been talked too multiple times about there irresponsible spending , but they still do not save money. Another root cause for there homelessness is the unfairness of the system, and the lack of opportunity for people in poverty stricken communities. There is not enough support for people without a job , or an education. The wealth distribution in NYC is completely unfair , and the system is designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. It is unfair that Dasani and her siblings are born in a place with no room for improvement. Some possible solutions for the problem of homelessness is better aid for people in need. They need

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