Dance Performance Review

Published: 2021-09-11 05:55:08
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Before the performance begins, there was whispered in the hall as the spectators were discussing what to anticipate from this dance concert and most of them dress in semi formal. As for the performers, they carefully and delicately tune their instruments to the precise pitch and their dressing and preparing for this performance. Every year the Mt. SAC Repertoy Dance Company showcases their unmatchable dance moves in a dance concert. This year’s dance concert was indeed another hit. Despite there is only ten songs in this performance People started flowing in at 7:45 pm, and after a little while it was already packed, all seats were full.
Students, relatives of the performers, and dance enthusiasts were mainly present in the said event. People were taking pictures after pictures of the hall before the event had started. The fun started at around 8:10 p. m. And the showed end at about 9:45 at the P. 2 end. These ten different songs has shows ten different stories that i loved a lot. I will just write few of them that i loved the most. One of the songs that i love name “Do You Have The Time? ” by Oliver Tank.
There is seventeen people dance together to perform this songs. they all wear formal. The background lights were red. The style of background song were a song that you would always heard at clubbing. The dancing were mixing by hip hop and ballet dancing. They dance with fast rhythm that makes me feel i am in a hurry. The performers in this song all wear a watch, they always look at their watches when they were dancing. The reason that i loved this song is because i can tell what is the story they are telling even though i do not have to look at the name of this song. The song is very vigorous and hurried, they had succeeded to perform the story of this theme.
The second songs that i love named Waiting in the Sky by David Bowie. At the begin, there is one person with a small television at the middle of the stage. After a while, people came out one by one with dancing. The background light was blue, and people all dancing with sportswear. There is two part of this theme. The first part people are dancing ballet with the song of 1960s. The background music was soft and slow. The music began gradually fast, and people has became faster by follow the rhythm. The song has turned to second part, the background music is pop-music; the song is very happy and lively with their cheery dancing.
They seems like a small group people having fun together with happiness. I like this one because their dancing has specially express two different stories to spectators. P. 3 The last song was the song that i loved the most in this performance. The background music is pop-music, performers all dressing fashion in this theme. People were dancing hip-hop and street-dance that i really love. In this theme, The beat is very prominent and performers dances very rhythmically, that has made me very want to follow their dance.
Performers always smile and it seems like dancing is very happiness to them. I love this one because they has really bring up a very nice ambiance to all spectators. This is the second concert i had watched in this year. I had chosen the dance concert for my extra credit homework because dancing is one of my favorites. I know i will not regret. Just as expected, I love this dancing concert so much. This is a very good concert that i had ever seen. I hope there is more convert like this that promoted by Mt. SAC; I must go again in future. This is a very good experience to me in my school life.

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