Customer Satisfaction of Grameenphone Limited

Published: 2021-09-12 22:30:11
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Moktar Ali Associate professor Department of Marketing Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka Sub: Request for acceptance of the term-paper Sir, We are very pleased to be able to submit the term-paper on “Customer satisfaction of Grameenphone limited”. In developing the report, we have followed the format and instructions given by you. In every sphere of the report, we have tried our level best to make a good combination of learning from the Business statistics. We also tried to match the theoretical knowledge and the direct experience gathered during the preparation of the term-paper.
In this report, we have tried to be as descriptive as possible for the convenience for the reader. Any clarification required & query needed regarding my report will be gratefully acknowledged. The obediently Md. Masum-ul Hoque ID No. 41018003 Md. Amin ID No. 41018043 Md. Ehsanul Hoque ID No. 41018044 Executive Summary This Project Work has been prepared as partial fulfillment of requirements for the Business statistics course. Due to increasing of excessive competition in business environment customer care is getting more preference day by day. Now a day the concept of customer service is widely used with he service of mobile phone companies. At the point of view of Bangladesh essentiality of customer service in telecom sector is in rising demand. When a product or service is introduced in the market in order to inform the customer about the product and service as well as to provide after sales service the most feasible way is customer care service. Customer care center is indispensable part for the service provider since most of the people of our country are illiterate. As a market leader, GrameenPhone is continuously coming up with new ideas regarding its products and services.
Recently, the company is mainly focusing on the non-voice services. Because, the company knows in near future, voice based services will reach to the maturity stage which will make the business growth constant to some extents. Hence, the company is trying to maintain the leading position in non-voices services as well like SMS, Push-Pull, and Information related services at the early growing stage. These services are working as a building block to increase GP’s service value. Coming up with innovative service is easier than making subscribers aware of services.
Hence through this report I have tried to find out GP’s position in cellular phone industry and the services that Grameen phone is presently providing to its valued customers & their satisfaction level. 15 million people out of 140 million total citizen of Bangladesh are presently using cell phone; it means that out of every 9 people one is using cell phone. In the third world country like Bangladesh the amount of users is amazing. Grameenphone holds almost 61% market share of telecom industry that is out of every 10 users 6 belongs to Grameenphone.
So GrameenPhone marketing strategy should be “Profitable growth & expanding market share through satisfying existing customers”. A comprehensive survey was conducted to know about GP’s present service condition that is providing to its valued customers. Grameen phone as a market leader in this industry should revise its service packages, quality with more conveniently for the customers. Otherwise, in the long run new innovation services will not give its ultimate success. Introduction GSM technology was introduced in Bangladesh from 26th march 1997 by GrameenPhone. The first year after the GrameenPhone was launched, there were o other operators using the GSM technology. From 1998 Robi started their operation using the same technology to serve the subscribers of Chittagong. With time both the operator extended their coverage and service feature. Within a short period of time SHEBA Telecom joined the market which is now named as Banglalink with a new management called Orascom. GrameenPhone is the market leader having more than 2. 4 million subscribers; Robi is the market follower having 1 million subscribers. Banglalink is also increasing its market share by providing various types of attractive offers to capture the existing market.
As the socioeconomic status of the country does not provide further possibilities to increase the growth of the industry, market followers are trying to attract other operator’s subscriber. So, there is an emergence of studying the related factors of the customer loyalty in the context of Bangladesh GSM telecommunication system for GrameenPhone to preserve its’ market share. Statement of the problem In the GSM mobile telephone sector in Bangladesh vast competition has emerged. So, the subscribers now have various alternatives to choose according to their convenience.
Therefore, to maintain the leading position in the market GrameenPhone has to identify the factors related to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Purpose of the study The purpose of the study was to present the relationship between service quality, switching cost and trust with customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in GrameenPhone, the leading GSM mobile telephone system in Bangladesh. A relational study on service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty Hypothesis Service quality has a significant positive influence on increasing customer satisfaction Methodology Interview Method: To gather Primary data questionnaire will be developed. The questionnaire survey will be the most effective method to collect data for our study. · For this research the survey will be conducted on 20 respondents. It will not be possible to conduct personal interview because of time limitation. Therefore, questionnaire survey will be the most appropriate one for this study. · For secondary data, web site of Grameenphone Ltd. Will be helpful and the Annual reports and internal official information if accessible. · After getting all the questionnaires filled up, the data will be analyzed with SPSS.
Data Collection Data were gathered from both primary and secondary sources. Collection of data was not that difficult as GrameenPhone Ltd is a leading fast generation private telecommunication Industry in the country. All the necessary data for this project will be collected by making a survey on people who are using the Grameenphone’s service and also who are working for GrameenPhone by asking them to fill up the questionnaire. Data Analysis For the analysis of the collected data a primary or rough analysis will be conducted to validate the questionnaire for gathering the adequate information.
If the gathered information is not up to the mark, further change in the questionnaire will be made. The data analysis will be conducted using SPSS. The results will be represented through Bar charts, Pie charts and written interpretations. Limitations of the study The study was limited by a number of factors. Firstly, the research was limited only in Dhaka city. Secondly, sample size was very small to present the proposed scenario. Thirdly, time constraint led to get narrower outcomes and finally, the knowledge constraint of the researcher was another limitation for this study.
Research timeline From May 9, 2011 to August 1, 2011 Literature of review Service quality According to Berry et al. (1988), service quality has become a significant differentiator and the most powerful competitive weapon which all the service organizations want to possess. Definitions of service quality hold that this is the result of an evaluation process where customers compare their expectations about a service with their perception of the service to be received (Lewis & Booms, 1983; Lehtinen & Lehtinen, 1982; Gro? roos, 1984; Parasuraman et al. , 1985, 1988, 1994). They also added that service quality can be split into technical quality which means ‘what is done’ and functional quality which means ‘how it is done’. Lehtinen and Lehtinen (1982) gave a three-dimensional view of service quality consisting ‘interaction’, ‘physical’, and ‘corporate’ quality. Numerous researches have been delineated service quality as forms of attitude – a long run overall evaluation, and the two constructs (service quality and attitude) are viewed as similar (Parasuraman et al. 1988; Bitner, Booms, & Tetreault, 1990; Bolton and Drew, 1991; Cronin & Taylor, 1992; Bitner & Hubert, 1994). Allport (1935) defined attitude as “a learned predisposition to respond to an object in a consistently favorable or an unfavorable way. ” As perceived service quality portrays a general overall appraisal of service, i. e. a global value judgment on the superiority of overall satisfaction with the service, it is viewed as similar to attitude (Sureshchandar et al. , 2002). Parasuraman et al. (1988) have developed a service quality measure, SERVQUAL which reasonable of the overall service quality dimensions.
The researchers developed ten general dimensions named- tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, competence, courtesy, credibility, security, access, communications, and understanding. SERVQUAL was revised later by Parasuraman et al. (1991) based on the result of an empirical study on five service companies. They noticed that some of the ten dimensions were correlated. They refined it and finalized the instrument composed of five dimensions include reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibles. In this present study these dimensions will be used to measure the service quality. Dimensions of service quality

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