Current Events Presentation: Team Quest Lawsuit

Published: 2021-09-28 15:50:07
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Henderson then filed the lawsuit to protect his interest in the Team Quest brand. Lindland, of course, has a very different story. According to Tracey Lesetar , an attorney and columnist for MMA website sherdog. om, Lindland not only asked the California court to dismiss the claims, he countersued Henderson for the very same reason Henderson was suing him. Lindland claims that he came back from the 2000 Olympics (in which he competed in wrestling) and found Henderson and Couture’s “Performance Quest” gym was closing down.
The three decided to keep helping each other training for upcoming MMA fights and dubbed themselves “Team Quest”. Henderson moved back down to California. Lindland said he very soon after began a “Team Quest Wrestling” for youth and later that year started “Team Quest Fight Club” with Couture and trainer Robert Follis.Lindland claims Henderson was wearing the Team Quest shirts in his bouts in Japan. Later Lindland registered the trademarks with the USPTO. Eventually Follis and Couture sold or transferred their interests to Lindland. Lindland also claims Henderson knew about the registered trademarks for years and did nothing.
He claims he is the senior user and that he eventually allowed and licensed Henderson’s “Team Quest” gym. Lindland claimed Henderson began to authorize gyms without his permission and sent Henderson and the other gyms “cease and desist” letters warning them that they did not have permission to use the name or logo.The main issue is money. Neither of them saw the wild success that MMA or Team Quest would achieve in 2001. Now they are both fighting over who has rights to the brand Team Quest. The conclusion on this case is not so cut and dry and will require a lot more debate and deliberation on the issue – not only for Henderson and Lindland, but also for similar cases to follow. This one is far from over.
Article website: http://www. sherdog. com/news/news/Analysis-Henderson-Lindland-Battle-Over-Team-Quest-Trademark-Rights-30499

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