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Published: 2021-07-05 06:50:04
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1. What are club drugs? What are some of the factors that support the use of club drugs? The club drugs are synthetic drugs that are usually used in bars, nightclubs, raves and other types of gatherings. The settings of raves and nightclubs support the use of the drugs. They are usually small tablet form so it is easy to conceal. 2. What are screening tests? Why are they used? Screening tests are nonspecific and help a forensic scientist find several certain drugs that the substance is likely to be.
They are used to try and find a certain type of drug or identify what an unknown drug may be. 3. What are color tests? Why are these tests used? Color tests are putting a chemical reagent to the drug and see if it changes color or not. To identify if there is a certain drug involved. 4. What are microcrystalline tests? What information do they provide? Microcrystalline tests is a test that involves exposing the drug or substance to a reagent and then examining the color and morphology of the crystals.
This test is more specific than a color test when trying to identify a certain drug based on the size, color, and shape of the different crystals. 5. What is spectrophotometry? How can this be useful in identifying drugs? Spectrophotometry is a ultraviolet test. It is useful to help determine if there is a drug present. Critical Thinking Questions 1. Why are forensic scientists an important part of drug cases? Forensic scientists are an important part because if there is a drug present they have multiple tests they can do to identify if its there or what kind of drug it is.
2. If you were a forensic scientist and you were called to a crime scene to see if drugs were present, what would you do to determine this? If I was a forensic scientist I would use the spectrophotometry to test if there was any drugs present. 3. Why is it important for forensic scientists to have as much information as possible about the place where a possible drug substance was found? It is important because it can help them better understand the crime. Like perhaps who they got it from, or how it may have gotten in the persons system if they weren’t for drugs.
4. What are some of the difficulties in identifying particular drugs? Why is it important for forensic scientists to be able to identify particular drugs? Some difficulties would be like some drugs have similar chemicals in them or they come from the same places with just one super tiny different chemical or item. It is important for forensic scientists to be able to identify particular drugs so they can understand the crime better and it can help narrow down people or places or even ractions.

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