Criminal Investigations Exam

Published: 2021-09-15 13:50:10
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A crime laboratory can help in answering which of the following questions? D a. whether a crime has been committed b. who committed the crime c. who could not have committed the crime d. all of the choices are correct 2. A handgun used in a murder is recovered by a diver. Which of the following should be used to develop any latent prints? C a. SPR b. Amido Black c. SuperGlue d. Basic Yellow 40 3.
After interviewing the victim of a crime and two witnesses, and examining the crime scene and the physical evidence, you use all of this information as a basis for developing a unifying and internally consistent explanation of the event. You have: C a. used inductive reasoning. b. committed Locard’s Fallacy. c. used deductive reasoning. d. proceeded in an un-objective manner. 4. Autoerotic death (sexual asphyxiation) is: C a. a murder committed by hanging the victim naked. b. a murder committed during a rape. c. an accidental death, usually from hanging. d. a suicide preceded by masturbating.
The “large view” of the crime scene, such as the victim’s body, cars, and buildings is referred to as the: D a. micro scene. b. minute scene. c. protected scene. d. macroscopic scene. 19. The actions taken at the crime scene immediately following the detection and reporting of the crime constitute the: D a. essential part of police work. b. follow-up investigation. c. cold search. d. preliminary investigation.
The Crime Classification Manual used to identify motivational models for the classification of homicide was developed by the: A a. FBI. b. Secret Service. c. Custom’s Department. . Drug Enforcement Administration. 21. The due process clause is found in which of the Bill of Rights? C a. First Amendment b. Fourth Amendment c. Fifth Amendment d. Tenth Amendment 22. The face of a basic incident report would typically include information regarding all of the following except: A a. continuation investigation. b. type of crime. c. the complainant. d. the witnesses.
Truck-hijacking is most often committed by: B a. juveniles b. experienced armed robbers . ex-truckers d. inexperienced armed robbers 37. When armed robbery is committed, the perpetrator is most likely to have: D a. brass knuckles. b. martial arts weapons. c. a knife. d. a handgun. 38. Which characteristic most accurately describes the adolescent regressive? A a. Among the sexually preoccupied fathers, many regarded their daughter as a sex object from birth. b. They became interested in their daughters when they entered puberty.
The victim is with an acquaintance 96 percent of the time. b. Typically the suspect is unarmed. c. Typically the victim is a lone woman. d. None of the choices are correct. 40. Which of the following is not an exception to the legal requirement of having a warrant to conduct a search and seizure? C a. with consent b. incident to an unlawful arrest c. when exigent circumstances exist d. to conduct an inventory 41. Which of the following would constitute a basis for assigning an “exceptionally cleared” classification to a case? D a. The suspect is known to the police, but they can’t find him to serve a warrant.

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