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Published: 2021-07-01 21:10:04
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This essay will explain Cricks views on politics, as outlined in his book ‘In defence of Politics’ (1962). That politics is a way to bring together differing opinions to resolves problems and disputes in a peaceful manner for the benefit of the majority and for the good of the populace. Cricks belief of what politics entails involves a democratic ideology and as we are considered to have a democratic society in which we live validating with quotes from cricks book.
Also Crick highlights the importance of the difference of opinion people have, and such opinions being recognised, and being able to have freedom of speech, being unrestricted in the way that other countries are bound by dictatorship. Crick acknowledges that politics is never a straightforward business, in Cricks words, he describes politics as a “messy business”, being unpredictable, for example international and domestic events. This essay will use contemporary examples to show how this so.
In the 2010 election, there wasn’t any party that had an overall majority (no party had more than half of members of parliament in the House of Commons), which meant that the Conservatives would be unable to have the majority of votes, to pass laws etc, without the support of other parties. In this case, the support came in the form of a formal coalition, with the Liberal Democrats. This being the first time Britain has had a coalition government in seventy years.
This situation could said to be in accordance with what Crick asserted, that politics, ‘ideally draws all these groups into each other, so that each individually, and together, can make a positive contribution towards the business of government, the maintaining of order’ (Crick 1962: 18). Crick (1962: 16) stated that for some ‘politics is muddled, contradictory, self-defeatingly recurant, unprogressive, unpatriotic, inneficiant mere compromise, or even a sham or conspiracy’ .
In contemporary society, many would argue that this is the case, and the reason why we are seeing parties such as UKIP becoming more populer. Politics can also be on a micro level,involving issues on a smaller scale, such as in the family home, for example, refering to Crick Jones states that ‘People or groups of people who want different things-be it power, money, liberty, ect-face the potential or reality of conflict when such things are in short supply’.
For instance, a situation may arise where a husband being given an employment opportunity,involving relocation to another city,compromise would have had to play a big part,for financial gain for the greater good of the family,as the earning potential of the husband is greater than that of the wife. In this situation issues of power also being present, the husband having the advantage,having the dominant position,simple due to earning more money. In conclusion, although Crick wrote his book in 1962, his ideas regarding politics , and the positive role, he believes it plays,is still applicable in contemporay society today.
In the case of the present day coalition ,political parties of differing ideologies,have had to join together for the smooth running of the country, for greater good of the people. However, Crick also recognised that politics is still very much a messy, complicated process,and not everyone would feel that politicians were working in their best interests. Also that compromise plays a vital part on both a micro and macro level to reduce conflict.

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