Coping with Procrastination

Published: 2021-08-03 14:05:05
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“Coping with Procrastination” by Moore, Baker and Packer are suggesting that we must reexamine the reasons of procrastinating in order to stop doing it. You must trust yourself and think that everything is going to be ok; thinking in failure will lead you to procrastinate. A nice way to change this is acting like an athlete, which prefers to prepare themselves surpassing their own “performance”. Also when you lose your motivation you’ll procrastinate, so you better think about you want and examine again.
Pushing yourself exaggeratedly will take you to a burnout and you will end procrastinating, so you better have more than one goal, to evade the burnout. And then you might procrastinate just because you don’t know what to do and the only thing that will evade procrastinating is looking for help. An idea I like to discuss is the burnout idea, because I think it clashes with the idea of surpassing yourself. When you try to surpass yourself you must push yourself to the limits, but this could lead you to a burnout and can cause procrastination to.
So by saying burnout we can assume that the authors meant to say that you have to relax sometimes and while rethink all of your strategies. And about surpassing yourself is like you always have to think that you’re doing a good job but you can do it better, without burnout just by examining all what you are and what you want to be. Is a little confusing but it’s understandable. In my personal experience, I have done everything said by the authors that cause procrastination. I have procrastinated for all the reasons explained above. In school when there was an oral presentation or an acting scene.
Also I have tried to surpass myself every time I can and that had taken me into a burnout for being obsessed with super achievement. I had even lost all my motivation sometimes, even when we speak of homework, just because I always try my best but when I gave it to the professor it’s like it wasn’t what he or she wanted me to do and that frustrates me. Sometimes I know that I need help but I just don’t want it because I want to do it myself, I want to learn and this is like trying to surpass yourself, but it also takes you to procrastinate.
So it’s not so easy to stop procrastinating because the solution of one of your problems might take to another problem. We can say that this article meaning is a bit contradictory. But it can help a lot of people too. Plenty of this information you can gain it in your live just by sitting down and thinking about the past. I have seen that a lot of things that made me procrastinate were easy to repair but you don’t know until you don’t get the experience.

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