Consider the operation and importance of the Presidents veto

Published: 2021-06-29 01:05:03
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One of the powers given to the president in the constitution is the power to veto congress . The Presidential veto is a key example of the checks and balances implement in the constitution to stop one person or authority becoming to powerful . Congress seeks to dilute presidential initiatives as does the President to congress legislation . In exercising a veto the president refuses to sign the bill that had been passed by congress ,preventing it from becoming act or federal law . The president has two kinds of veto at his disposal the first being a regular veto this was used 372 times by Franklin .
D. Roosevelt , It can be be over turned by a two thirds majority vote on congress , however this process is extremely difficult due to bipartisanship that is require for success only 110 veto s have been overwritten out of 1497 ,the second type of veto at their disposal is the pocket veto which allows them to block legislation after congress had adjourned . A veto is not usually the first resort by Presidents as shown by recent history shown by President Regan who used informal tactics to win over members of congress and deter there from passing legislation that he was against .
This shows that veto’s are not that important as they are shown as only one method used by presidents to block congress showing that it is not there only alternative to stop a Congregational decision which they disagree with . But on the other hand vetoes can be seen as extremely important as they are on of the key ways that the Congregational system of checks and balances is keep et in line as it allows the president to constitutional stop legislation passed by congress ,allowing for the for the checks and balances system while also allowing a second check and balances if congress get 2 thirds vote in both house creating a fair system .
To conclude , the importance of the presidential votes can not be undermined as it is a constitutional right which keep the key purpose of the American political system in tact ,checks and balances ,but it can also be seen as ineffective as there are other methods informal methods that can be used and a normal veto can be overruled making it redundant , this shows that it has its places as a constitutional reminder but there are other methods that are equally effective .

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