Confessions of Faith

Published: 2021-08-24 18:45:08
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Rhodes enters politics in the Cape Colony for his health and wealth. What is confession of Faith of the colonial encounter that’s in Africa? “In Confessions of Faith,” the great imperialist and wealthy diamond mine owner Cecil Rhodes stresses his opinion of the importance of the English people. He tries to justify English imperialism and bringing the world under English influence by making several claims. He talks about, (what is a good chief in life?
In Rhodes case by asking that question, Rhodes wants to do something useful for his country. He was controlling the diamond production. He had parlayed his territories Zambia and Zimbabwe. Rhodes argued about the way the English children are brought into this world, saying that the English people are limiting their children. Rhodes says that there should be more English children in his country so they can retain America. In addition, he states that the uncivilized part of the world should come under English rule so there would be an increase in the rate of employment and put a stop to all wars.
He said the English race is the finest race in the world. He states that taking others territory is a way to help and increase more of their kind which would make the world a better place to live in. Rhodes thinks that this will make the Anglo-Saxon race never end. Rhodes also thinks that the more English people in the world along with less other race like the British and the Irish that again there would be end of wars. Rhodes wanted nothing more than to serve his country. He believes that the Anglo-Saxon should rule the world.
Rhodes wants to render himself and his race to his country. He argues that the Anglo-Saxon race is superior to all other races in the world. Rhodes thinks that any other race should not exist. Humans being born that are not going to be raised in the Anglo-Saxon race are a waste to him. He wanted to make the British Empire a superpower in which all white countries in the empire would be represented in the British colony. Rhodes argues this because he thinks that the British will rule the world. Rhodes was upset about it because he said the British do not rule America.
To summarize, the absorption of the greater portion of the world under the rule simply means the end of all wars. This objects one should work for are first, and furtherance of the British Empire. The bringing of the whole uncivilized world under British Empire leaves the recovereyof the United States, the making of the Anglo-Saxon race but for only one Empire. Rhodes feels that there needs to be more English race in America, so there can be no more wars. To let the Irish and the German stay in their own country because, he describes them as low class.
He deplores the way they have failed to develop America into a fine country. Rhodes wants to keep America finer without the prejudice. Rhodes made his point clear in this article and he goes into detail on what races do wrong. Rhodes thought that his race was better even though he did respect the Germans. Rhodes arguments support nationalism as well as imperialism by the way he speaks about each race. I don’t believe that there was or could be a competition to bring out the best in the races because, each race has a unique spirit and identity that can’t be duplicated by other races.

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