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Published: 2021-07-30 01:55:08
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It is not true that computer to be more of a barrier than a help. Actually, computers have made significant contributions to human potential. For instance, people with no talent become rich and famous since the development of scientific technology. These would be discussed how computers have brought about unimaginable benefits to the thorn. It is easy to realize that computers have help business transaction, banking system with exactly proper records and data analysis.
Thanks to never ending process of technology development, enterprisers have expanded their business market nets with international ones. Furthermore, information exchange is much easier. Probably people could hold weekly meetings via Skype, where they could see and talk directly, without taking time or money to gather at the workshop room. So in this case, computers are indeed more powerful equipment than a hindrance in the modern society.
As a result of the conveniences, computer could not be considered a hindrance. The breakout of computers has enabled people to increase human potential. Many of them have taken an advantage of the World Wide Web to create their own opportunities. For instance, from being unknown singers and amateur musicians, they have had prosperity and fame through self-advertising their images by uploading their album on Youtube website.
The power spread of online community is at a very fast pace. Hence, computers have remarkably enhanced the chances of human potential. All in all, although the effects of the benefits, computers also have their drawbacks, people have abused the information nets to operate the pornographic websites which have been stimulating the real concerns among children’s manners. Or the anonymous terrorisms have broken news that threatens to political socio-economic development of a nation.

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