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Published: 2021-07-08 21:00:05
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In all of the years of sports there have been many positive and negatives aspects of sports and competition. For all of the evidence shown there have been a lot more positive aspects than negative. In many ways sports have shaped the way that many people live. Some families live and breathe competition. For some people that’s their main relationship between parents and kids. Competition is when people go at each other in sports to see who will come out on top. Competition is only healthy for people to participate in. It can give people confidence and learn how to be better overall people.
Competition plays a very big role in American society by bringing families and people together. Sports and competition has shaped American society to help bring us together every year. For example the superbowl is one of the most watched events in the world. People who don’t like football still watch the superbowl. The super bowl brings people together because people have competitions and rivalries within the game. In the “In My Tribe” article Terry McDonell says “ I believe our hard, beautiful games shaped us for the better.
” What McDonell is saying is that sports and competition have shaped America to the point where in a lot of families it’s what brings them together. However in the Case Against Competition Alfie Kohn says “ One person can succeed only if the other fails. ” Alfie Kohn makes a very valid argument however in the end can’t competition just be for fun too even if one does fail, its called good sportsmanship. People should be happy that they get the chance to compete against others because there are a lot of kids who don’t get the chance like for the kids whose parents want their kids to only focus on education.
Or the kids that live in areas where they can’t afford to fund a sports team. If there is no sportsmanship well then yes there will be some hurt feelings or crushed dreams even, but thats why you need to look at competition as always a lucky chance because not everyone gets the chance to compete. You need to grow up with competition because you will be prepared for competition later in life like in the working world. Competition helps people in the working world because they grew up knowing that in order to be successful people need to know how to compete you would have a higher chance of making a big mistake in the working world.
McDonell is right competition does shape us for the better. Without rivalries sports just wouldn’t be what they are today. A rivalry means that two hated teams with a bit of history compete against each other to see who ends up winning and get bragging rights. I have been apart of many rivalries in my life. Rivalries can shape families relationships because on a day of a rivalry game it is something big to talk about maybe your family is half one team and half the other. These games can stir up competition themselves.
Many families will place bets like money on who will win or make the loser do something for them. Rivalries are without a doubt one of the greatest parts of competition. In sports there can be very memorable moments that can shape sports today. Some people compete hard because they want to be like their favorite athlete. There is many memorable performances to think about like when Michael Jordan was sick in the playoffs but played through and won the game. Or when Rajon Rondo dislocated his elbow but played through the pain and led his team to a victory.
These are the types of performances that shape our sports today and why our professional, college, and high school athletes compete hard every time they step on the field or the court to strive to be there best and make the opposing team remember him or her. Sports can have a very high reward if you play in professional. It is very good money. If you play professional sports you are pretty much set for life and another plus is that it is a very early retirement. So there really isn’t a good reason not to have competition.
Competition keeps people healthy. It is not only fun but it will keep you in shape it is good for young kids to do because they don’t know how else to work out its not like they can lift weights. All of this information relates back to Jordan and Rando because they are professionals, they do make a lot of money, they did work hard to be where they are today. They create memorable moments that can shape our society because athletes could be looking up to those performances and want to end up like them.
In sports and competition from the reading sports and competition is more than just a sport to see who wins. It can be a long tradition almost like a tradition for some families that start when people are very young. Sports are full of memorable moments that people cherish and remember. keeping all of those factors in mind overall sports and competition helps shape American society for the better. Annotated Bibliography Kohn, Alfie. “The Case Against Competition. ” Working Mother. N. p. , Sept. 1987. Web. 22 Jan. 2013.
“The Case Against Competition” by Alfie Kohn is about Kohn trying to convince mother’s that competition is bad on kids and doesn’t help them succeed in life. Kohn talks about how competition makes kid less creative and not as polite or empathic for people or certain things. Kohn also talks about how limiting competition in our society will make it a better place for people to live in. Also that by limiting competition we will learn to work with everyone and not be out to get anyone and try and outdo someone else. McDonell, Terry. “In My Tribe. ” Sports Illustrated. N. p. , 28 Nov. 2011. Web. 22 Jan.
2013. “In My Tribe” by Terry McDonell is about the stories we take away from watching sporting events and by listening to other people talk about the stories that have made memories for them. Also that by having a common story with someone will bring you closer to that person even if you have nothing else to talk about with them, you can always have sports to fall back on. He also talks about how marketing has changed and so has the media. That sports media and marketing has changed sports for the worse but that common people like us only care about the moments and the memories we take away from them.

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