Comparison Between Mexico and Japan Educational System

Published: 2021-09-10 04:05:11
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Comparison between Mexico and Japan Educational Systems Educational system, which is the learning curriculum of a country must has many similarities and contrasts with another country, like Mexico as a developing country and Japan as a developed country, that is why I choose to compare them both. The education system in Mexico and Japan are similar in that they have same periods for Elementary School, Junior High School, and Senior High School. Students in Mexico study in a class that supported by technological tools.
In the same way, Japanese students also study in a smart class. Both Mexican and Japanese school require their students to wear school uniforms. Another similarity is Mexico, like Japan, has a co-educational system which boys and girls attend school together. Mexican schools is different from Japanese schools in that they provide free education for students until grade 9, with free textbooks. However, Japan has free schools, but somehow they are less structured. In Mexico, students are required to attend school until 12 year olds, whereas Japanese curriculum is compulsory for children until the age of 15.
Only 47 percent of Mexicans have a college degree. Japan, on the other hand, has a higher achievement which is 69 percent. The last difference between Mexico and Japan is their school schedules. The class schedules in Mexico are divided into morning class that starts at 8 am and afternoon class at 2 pm. In contrast, Japan only has one class schedule which is in the morning at 8. 30 am. In conclusion, I prefer Japanese to Mexican school because it is developed better, and also provides more promising education and produce high qualified graduates people. 286 words

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