Comparision between a dolls house and a glass menegarie

Published: 2021-06-16 12:25:05
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Nora Helmer in “A Doll’s House” and Amanda Wingfield in “The Glass Menagerie”, are both iconic figures that play an important role in their respective plays. These characters are similar as well as different in comparison. Both Nora and Amanda are seen as a very good mother. They also are not in touch with the reality. The difference between Nora and Amanda is that Nora wanted the freedom from her husband, whereas on the other hand, Amanda felt helpless after she lost her husband. Another difference between Amanda and Nora is that Amanda does not really think about herself that much, whereas, Nora is very obsessed with herself.
It is seen that Nora and Amanda are both, loving mothers. In “A Doll’s House”, this is seen when Nora plays with her kids and talks in a child like manner with them. It is also seen when she think about the future and then says, “No, it’s quite impossible”. She says this after Krogstad had left, and after she had a conversation with Anne-Marie. Amanda is seen as a good and a loving mother when she thinks about the future for her daughter Laura. She tells Tom to find a good gentlemen for her, and tries to make a better future for them. Amanda has faith that some gentleman might come for Laura, which shows the confidence she has in her daughter.
Amanda as well as Nora lives in a world where they are not really in touch with reality. For Amanda, when situations become bad, she recalls the days of her youth when she lived at Blue Mountain and had seventeen gentlemen callers in one Sunday afternoon. Indeed, this story has been told so often that it is no longer an illusion and instead has become a reality. She likewise indulges in playful games so as to escape the drudgery of everyday living. She tells Laura, “You be the lady this time and I’ll be the darky.” She refuses to acknowledge that Laura is crippled and instead refers to her as having only a slight physical defect. She refuses to accept the fact that Tom is quite different from her and that he, like his father, will someday leave in search of adventures.
This is seen when Tom views his life with his family and at the warehouse as a kind of coffin—cramped, suffocating, and morbid—in which he is unfairly confined. And finally, Amanda lives perpetually in the world of the gentlemen callers who will appear any day for Laura. In “A Doll’s House”, Nora thought that everything will work out the way she has planned. Nora lives in a very unrealistic world, where she behaves like a doll, and does all the unrealistic things. This is seen when she does not take her life seriously, like forging a signature, which in turn could lead to a lot of problems.
In “A Doll’s House”, in the end, we see that Nora leaves behind her house, her husband as well as her children, whom she loved a lot. This means that she is very selfish and only thinks about herself. According to Nora, she will be who she is if she leaves Torvald. She thinks that being with him, she is a completely different person, from reality. This is seen at the end, when Torvald gets to know the truth Whereas, on the other hand, it is completely opposite in “A Glass Menagerie” with Amanda. After she lost her husband, she felt completely helpless and did not know how to figure things out.
In “A Doll’s House”, Nora is seen very self-obsessed, whereas, on the other hand, in “A Glass Menagerie”, Amanda does not really care about herself, and is seen more concerned about her children, and about their future. Nora considers herself like the most prettiest women and keeps on obsessing about herself and thinks about her own future the most. This is also seen when both, Nora and Amanda think that they have some lovers or gentlemen. The only difference between the both of them is that Nora knew that she did not have any lover, and she just dreamt of having one. Whereas, Amanda thought there were gentlemen for her, even though, in real, there weren’t any.
Thus, in both these plays, “A Doll’s House”, and “A Glass Menagerie”, Nora and Amanda have similarities as well as differences. This similarity between both of them is that both of them care about their kids, and both of them are not in touch with reality. And the difference between them is that Nora finds freedom after leaving her husband, whereas, on the other hand, Amanda kind of feels handicapped after she lost her husband. Another difference seen between Amanda and Nora is that Nora is very self-obsessed, whereas Amanda is not.

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