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Published: 2021-10-07 22:45:10
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My mother and father have different views towards life. My father is a machinist. He has a view that earning and spending money is the main purpose of living. He is making a lot of money, but he works eighteen- hour days. In addition, my father believes money is to spent, so he uses a lot of money quickly and carelessly. He buys the most modern electronic equipment such as I pad 2, iphone 4. Furthermore, he constantly changes his car. One more thing is the way he shows his love toward us. Instead of saying” I love you” or spending time showing it, my dad indulges us with gifts as a way of demonstrating his love.
As Deborah Price, the author of “Money Magic”, said,” Equating love and money is a habit we often pick up from our family”. On the other hand, my mother has the view that money is powerful and important, but it is not the most important thing in a person’s life. She regards money merely as a means to live. Unlike my father, my mother has the opinion that money should be saved for the future. For her, we should have money to fall back on when dealing with a difficult situation. Apart from that, my mother shows her love for us by providing Individualized attention to us rather than using money.
Besides views towards life, my parents have differences in their personalities. My mom is an introverted person. She has her little group of friends, but she tends to keep to herself and doesn’t like to be social. Another thing about her is that my mom is emotionally very stable. In our family, she is the parent who always listens patiently and sympathetically to us. When I failed in math, my mother talked to me and then helped me to get through the difficult situation instead of scolding me. My mother knows what Smamiathan knows, “Threatening behaviors like scolding, hash comment will not help on improving a child”.
Many believe scolding makes things worse. Also my mother is an understanding person and agrees with the idea of free will. My mother is very supportive in anything we choose to do in our lives. In everything from our studying to our relationships with money, my mom is always respectful of our independence. My dad is the opposite of my mother. He is an extroverted and hot- tempered person. I almost never speak to my dad about anything because he usually become angry . The things he says often hurt us and at times, destroy our self – confidence. Another thing is that my dad is very stubborn.
In his mind, he is always right and there is no changing that. If he believes strongly about something, he will fight for it until he gets things to go his way. Lastly, my mother and father also have differences when it comes to hobbies. My mom is more into art, such as drawing and painting. Different from my mom, my dad is more into athletics . He plays tennis. One more thing is he loves being on the Internet. Every day, he is on the internet for hours. My mother and my father are both music lovers, but they have an ear for different types of music.
My mom likes the Vietnamese country music; the music is part of the traditions of the Cuu Long region where she was born. My Dad is more into modern music, like the music you hear on the TV or radio In conclusion, my mom and dad are both great parents. They are different in many respects, but they have been living happily for more than 30 years. To me,their differences are not things that make it difficult for them. On the other hand, these differences allowed them to learn about each other, and build a strong relationship.

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