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Published: 2021-06-30 08:35:05
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Overview The Kings Island Employee Handbook was developed to provide its employees with general guidelines about Kings Island’s policies and procedures for employees. It is also a guide that will assist you in learning the privileges and obligations of your employment, including Kings Island’s policy of voluntary at-will employment. The policies found in this handbook are not meant to give rise to contractual rights or obligations, neither is it a guarantee of employment.
Additionally, with the exception of the voluntary at-will employment policy, these policies may be modified, amended or revoked by Kings Island at any time, without advance notice. Kings Island will provide each employee with a copy of the Employee Handbook upon employment. Kings Island expects all of its employees to abide by the policies and procedures set fourth in this handbook. Voluntary At-will Employment Unless an employee has a contract with Kings Island that states differently, all employment within this company is “at-will”.
This means that employees may be terminated without cause. Any contracts stating other wise are considered invalid unless they are in writing and signed by the Executive Director with the approval of the Board of Directors. Reasons for termination may include, but is not limited to: Falsifying information on your employment application Falsifying information in personnel records Performing below acceptable levels Falsifying time reports Insubordination Refusing to work Negligence in performing job duties Violence
Willfully damaging Kings Island property Theft Possession, sale, or being under the influence of any drug or illegal substance will on Kings Island property Possession of a firearm or any other dangerous object while on Kings Island property Excessive unexcused absence or obsessive tardiness Engaging in any discriminatory action Any employee who is terminated is required to turn in their badge and vacate Kings Island’s premises immediately. Equal Employment Opportunity Kings Island is committed to providing equal opportunity for all and applicants.
We do not discriminate against any employee or applicant based on their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability. We offer employment to all eligible citizens. Kings Island’s policy regarding equal opportunity applies to all aspects of employment including hiring, promotions, reassignments, wages, and scheduling. Kings Island does not tolerate any form of discrimination. All employees are expected to follow these guidelines and fully cooperate
with this policy; Failure to do so will result in termination. If Kings Island finds that any person has violated this policy appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the offender. This can include verbal warnings, written warnings, suspension, and termination. Harassment free workplace Kings Island is committed to providing a workplace free of all harassment. Kings Island will not tolerate harassment of any kind, including, but not limited to, bullying, name-calling, abusing, sexual harassment, etc.
All employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to respect themselves, their co-workers, and park guests. In order to reinforce Kings Islands harassment free workplace policy Kings Island has developed procedures for employees to report harassment. These policies and procedures apply to all work related settings or activities including company events. Sexual Harassment Kings Islands also prohibits sexual advances or other sexual request in the workplace or any other work setting, whether verbal or physical.
If it is proved you are guilty of any type of harassment it will be grounds for immediate termination of your employment. Kings Islands also restricts employees from using physical or verbal language hat degenerates or shows hostility towards another individual. The following is a list of things that may be considered sexual harassment: explicit jokes, written or oral sexual suggestions, gossip regarding any person’s sex life, displaying sexually suggestive objects, pictures, or cartoons, unwelcomed leering, whistling, deliberately brushing against the body, or sexual gestures.
This list is not all-inclusive. Other Types of discriminatory harassment As stated previously, it is also against Kings Island’s policy to engage in conduct that is demeaning or shows hostility or aversion toward any individual due to their race, sex, religion, disabilities, gender, or sexual orientation. The following is a list of things that may be considered discriminatory harassment: slurs, stereotyping, negative jokes, threats, intimidation, violent acts, written or graphic materials relating to race, religion, sex, disability, or sexual orientation.
Once again this list is not all-inclusive. Reporting Harassment It is against Kings Island’s policy to retaliate against an employee for filing a harassment complaint of any kind or for cooperating in an investigation of a complaint of harassment. If you have experience or witnessed harassment you should report the incident immediately by either going to your manager or by calling Kings Island’s harassment hotline at 1-866-255-3654. Kings Island will promptly and thoroughly investigate all reports of harassment in and discreet and confidential manner.
The goal of Kings Island’s investigation is to determine whether the harassment really occurred, and to determine what action should be taken if it is determined that harassment occurred. If Kings Island determines that a violation of the harassment policy occurred, it will take the appropriate disciplinary action again the offending employee. Once the investigation is complete Kings Island will notify the employee who made the complaint of the results of the investigation. This may include written or verbal warning, suspension, or termination.
Once again, employees who report violations of this policy and employees who cooperate with investigation into alleged violations of this policy will not be retaliated against. Compliance with this policy is a mandatory condition of employment with Kings Island. If at any point an employee has a question regarding this policy he or she should consult with their supervisor. In the case where the allegation is against the employee’s manager the employee should report to their Department Manager. Employer practices Definitions and terms 1. Employer is defined as a person or organization that employs people.
1. An employee is a person who is employed for wages or salary. This includes full-time, part-time, seasonal, and temporary employees. 1. Full-time employee: An employee who regularly works 35 hours per work week 1. Part-time employee: An employee who regularly works less than 35 hours per workweek. 1. Temporary employee: An employee who works either on a full-time or part-time employee who is employed for less than 5 months. Positions Descriptions and Pay Each position within Kings Island has a position description, which describes what is expected from each employee for the job that they perform.
Generally, each position description will contain information regarding: the purpose of the position and the responsibilities of the employees, job qualifications, wage range, and information regarding the working condition (i. e. working in inclement weather). This position can be modified by Kings Island at any time. Each employee will be given a badge which they are required to use to clock in and out at the beginning and end of the workday as well as the beginning and end of their lunch break. Paychecks will be distributed on a bi-weekly basis.
Paychecks will be distributed on the Friday following the end of the pay period. All paychecks will be mailed to the address in the employees personnel file unless the employee requests that their check be direct deposited. If an employee would like to request direct deposit the employee must submit a direct deposit request form along with a voided check or letter from their bank. Work Review The work of each employee will be evaluated on a monthly basis by the employee’s supervisor. At the end of each year each employees supervisor will perform an annual review of the employees overall work performance.
This review is to give the employee and idea of where they stand and give them ideas on how they can improve their performance if needed. Therefore, it is very important that both the employer and employee are open, honest, and willing to communicate problems that have occurred or the needs of the employee. It is also important that the supervisor insures that the employee know exactly what is expected of him or her. The annual review is a written document and after discussing the review both the supervisor and employee should sign this document.
Once signed the document will be stored in the employees personnel file for five years. Social Security/ Medicare/ Medicaid Kings Island does participate in the provisions of the Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid programs. Employee’s contributions to these programs will be withheld from the employee’s paycheck and sent to the appropriate organization. Workers Compensation Kings Island employees are covers by the Workers’ Compensation Law. Absences from work, which are covered by workers compensation benefits are provided, will not be held against any employee.
Any employee who is injured while at work is required to report the incident to their supervisor within 24 hours of the occurrence even if they did not suffer any injuries. Leave and Benefits Holiday Pay Kings Island is open for all federal holidays excluding Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years day that fall during the months of April through November. Therefore, all employees who are scheduled to work on any other holiday are expected to report to work at their specified times. Insurance and Benefits
Due to Kings Island only being open for a short time period during the year we only offer Health and Dental Insurance to our Executive Team of employees that work full time all year long to fulfill the operations of Kings Island in order to prepare for the spring opening. Vacation Pay Each employee will receive ten vacation days per year. This time will awarded on a quarterly basis. At the end of each quarter employees will receive 2. 5 vacation days. While Kings Island would like employees to use their vacation days in the year they were received, employees can carry up to four days of vacation time over to the next year.
Sick Pay Kings Island does not offer sick pay. If an employee needs to take a day off they may do so by calling their supervisor. Civic Duties Kings Island believes that it is very important for employees to fulfill their civic obligations. Therefore, if an employee is scheduled for jury duty for and specified amount of time the employee will be given the day off with out pay. This time however, will not be deducted from the employees vacation leave. Bereavement Employees are entitled to bereavement leave with pay for up to five days in the event of an immediate family member.
Immediate family includes the employees: spouse, child, parent, or grandparent, or sibling. If an employee finds that he or she needs to take time off from work due to the death of an immediate family member he or she should notify his or her supervisor immediately. An employee may use vacation time in addition to bereavement leave if necessary. Attendance Policy Attendance is a vital part of success as a Kings Island employee. Management at Kings Island expects each employee to report to work on time on his or her scheduled day. Excessive absences (whether excused or unexcused), tardiness, or leaving early will not be tolerated.
Excessive absence, tardiness, or leaving early is grounds for disciplinary action or termination. Any employee who plans to be absent, or leave early must notify their supervisor before doing so. Employees who plan to be late should contact their manager no later than 30 minutes after the start of their work shift. In the event of an emergency employees should notify their manager as soon as possible. For extended absences employees must notify their supervisor at the start of each workday. Once again employees should call their manager within 30 minutes of their start time.
A Doctors note or proof of illness may be required regardless of the length on the extended absence. Any employee who fails to report to work or notify their supervisor for three or more consecutive days will be considered to have voluntarily terminated their employment at Kings Island. Reviewing Personnel Actions/ Personnel Records Personnel records are the property of Kings Island and access to personnel information is restricted. A personnel file will be kept for each employee and will include the employees employment application, position description, performance reviews, excused absence notes, written warnings, disciplinary
actions, and any other relevant personnel information. Employees are responsible for notifying their manager of any personnel data needs to be changed or updated. Employees may request a review of personnel actions taken against them at any time. IF an employee would like to review a personnel actions they should speak with their supervisor. If the employee feels that the matter cannot be handled through their supervisor they can speak with their department manager. If you have any questions regarding the policies and procedures contained in this handbook please contact your supervisor.
Please sign the signature form, which can be found on the last page of this handbook and return it to your manager within 15 days of your employment. Solicitation Kings Island’s employees are prohibited from soliciting either verbally, written, or orally for pledges, donations, subscriptions, or any other forms of monetary collection for any person while on Kings Island premises. Persons who are not employed by Kings Island are also prohibited to solicit or distribute materials on Kings Island premises.

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