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Published: 2021-08-12 18:25:05
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Religion Community Service For my community service I had done a variety of jobs. All of them have definitely helped out my community greatly though. Doing these hours has also changed me spiritually and helped me become closer to God because most of my jobs have been for charity. The following will be a list of jobs that I have done and what I had to do during them. My first job was working the Halloween party and that was a very fun job. The only thing that I had to do was instruct people on jumping into a pit full of bubble wrap.
Also, I had to just hand out candy to “trick or treaters” the came down the hallway of the school. The second job I did was work the spaghetti dinner. This job was also very simple and only had me wait tables, which meant I had to bring out spaghetti, drinks, and silverware to the customers. The third job that I had done was doing Fill the Boot. This job was very interesting, because it was something I had never done before. What I had to do was stand in the middle of the street collecting money for a disease called MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association).
My last and final job I had done is one Christmas Eve every year. I go with my family to HSBC Arena, fill up bags full of food, and bring it to families that are less fortunate than me, with the Buffalo Police. In conclusion I definitely would say I do a variety of jobs to complete my 10 hours. My favorite job I would say by far though is the police food donating job. It’s just so enlightening to see the smile on the families faces. Some people even cry. The community service definitely changes me for the better.

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