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Published: 2021-09-13 13:40:09
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Every year, I tell myself I want to participate in something that doesn’t just help people around me but also I want to feel good hearted while contributing good deeds. This year I took on a bigger responsibility by getting my friends and family involved. Community Service shouldn’t be a job or something that you do but have no excitement in while participating. Evolving your friends makes the experience much more exciting and rewarding. Getting my parents involved gained me responsibility and maturity. This year I joined Key Club in knowledge of participating in activities that would help the community around me.
I even brought my team to the first meeting and told them that this could be a way of team bonding. Not only did we participate in in-school activities but we also got together on the weekends and helped out the community. I volunteered for three months; Saturdays and Sundays, helping young kids improve their basketball skills. Waking up at 8am on a Saturday after a long week of practice and school didn’t seem fun but the reward at the end of the day was pleasing. Seeing the little kids in the morning with smiles bright and attitude full gave me motivation and passion to push through and give my knowledge back to them.
I knew I wasn’t in it alone; I had my teammates by my side making it fun and self-rewarding. With basketball season and school work taking up a lot of time, I wanted to take part in something out of basketball, something that was new and fresh. Growing up I had the biggest problem with multiplication and seeing my sister struggle with it also made me wish I had an older guider to help me. Every Wednesday I went to my sisters’ elementary school and helped third graders with their homework.
Preparing for FCAT stressed out the little kids so I tried to make the preparation fun for them by playing competitive games of math and helping them believe that they can do anything they put their mind too. Always going to private schools and having the privilege of never taking the FCAT made me want to teach these kids math without having them forget the material. At the end of every session their complaints and cant’s became cans and smiles. Them leaving confident and feeling relived made me feel a new energy to my much harder math homework.
Community Service is voluntary and personally I think every child, adult, kid, student and even teacher should take place in helping out. Not getting rewarded with money means noting when your biggest reward is a smile. Community Service is something I see myself taking place in even after high school and through college. Bring it to my family and my kids because lessons are taught through teaching the listeners. Next year being able to drive and taking on more responsibilities I see myself participating in more activities and including even more of my friends.

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