Commodity Market

Published: 2021-08-16 19:25:07
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The main objective is to analyze the awareness of investors regarding commodity market. To achieve the overall objective, various sub-objectives have been established. These are: – To study the features of various commodities. To analyze the market potential of the Commodity market. – To know about the future prospective of the Commodity market. – To know more and more about the commodity market. Commodity Exchange Terminal [pic] Introduction to Commodity Market What is “Commodity”? Any product that can be used for commerce or an article of commerce which is traded on an authorized commodity exchange is known as commodity. The article should be movable of value, something which is bought or sold and which is produced or used as the subject or barter or sale. In short commodity includes all kinds of goods.
Indian Forward Contracts Regulation Act (FCRA), 1952 defines “goods” as “every kind of movable property other than actionable claims, money and securities”. In current situation, all goods and products of agricultural (including plantation), mineral and fossil origin are allowed for commodity trading recognized under the FCRA. The national commodity exchanges, recognized by the Central Government, permits commodities which include precious (gold and silver) and non-ferrous metals, cereals and pulses, ginned and un-ginned cotton, oil seeds, oils and oil cakes, raw jute and jute goods, sugar and guar, potatoes nd onions, coffee and tea, rubber and spices. Etc. [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] [pic][pic][pic] What is a commodity exchange? A commodity exchange is an association or a company or any other body corporate organizing futures trading in commodities for which license has been granted by regulating authority. STRUCTURE OF COMMODITY MARKET [pic] [pic] List of Exchanges in India 1. Bhatinda Om & Oil Exchange Ltd. , Bhatinda. 2. The Bombay Commodity Exchange Ltd. , Mumbai 3. The Rajkot Seeds oil & Bullion Merchants Association Ltd 4. The Kanpur Commodity Exchange Ltd. , Kanpur 5. The Meerut Agro Commodities Exchange Co.
Ltd. , Meerut 6. The Spices and Oilseeds Exchange Ltd. 7. Ahmadabad Commodity Exchange Ltd. 8. Vijay Beopar Chamber Ltd. , Muzaffarnagar 9. India Pepper & Spice Trade Association, Kochi 10. Rajdhani Oils and Oilseeds Exchange Ltd. , Delhi 11. National Board of Trade, Indore 12. The Chamber Of Commerce, Hapur 13. The East India Cotton Association, Mumbai 14. The Central India Commercial Exchange Ltd. , Gwalior 15. The East India Jute & Hessian Exchange Ltd. 16. First Commodity Exchange of India Ltd, Kochi 17. Bikaner Commodity Exchange Ltd. , Bikaner 18. The Coffee Futures Exchange India Ltd, Bangalore 9. Esugar India Limited 20. National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited 21. Surendranagar Cotton oil & Oilseeds Association Ltd 22. Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd 23. National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd 24. Haryana Commodities Ltd. , Hissar 25. e-Commodities Ltd Of these 25 commodities exchanges the MCX, NCDEX and NMCEIL are the major Commodity Exchanges. Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX) Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX) is an independent and de-mutualised exchange with permanent reorganization from Government of India, having Head Quarter in Mumbai.
Key share holders of MCX are Financial Technologies (India) Limited, State Bank of India, Union Bank of India, Corporation Bank of India, Bank of India and Canara Bank. MCX facilitates online trading, clearing and settlement operations for commodity futures market across the country. MCX started of trade in Nov 2003 and has built strategic alliance with Bombay Bullion Association, Bombay Metal Exchange, Solvent Extractors Association of India, pulses Importers Association and Shetkari Sanghatana. MCX deals with about 100 commodities.
For which Xerox copy of any one of the following can be given a) PAN card Number b) Driving License c) Vote ID d) Passport What statements should be given for Bank Proof? The front page of Bank Pass Book and a canceled cheque of a concerned bank. Otherwise the Bank Statement containing details can be given. What are the particulars to be given for address proof? In order to ascertain the address of investor, the clearing member will insist on Xerox copy of Ration card or the Pass Book/ Bank Statement where the address of investor is given. What are the other forms to be signed by the investor? The clearing member will ask the client to sign a) Know your client form ) Risk Discloser Document The above things are only procedure in character and the risk involved and only after understanding the business, he wants to transact business. What aspects should be considered while selecting a commodity broker? While selecting a commodity broker investor should ideally keep certain aspects in mind to ensure that they are not being missed in any which way.

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