Cng Crisis in Pakistan

Published: 2021-08-07 10:15:07
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Date: 18. 05. 2013 CHEMISTRY PAPER – II Max. Marks: 17 9:30 a. m. to 9:50 a. m. (Science Pre-Engineering & Pre-Medical Groups) Time: 20 minutes SECTION ‘A’ (MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS) – (M. C. Qs. ) NOTE: i) This section consists of 17 part questions and all are to be answered. Each question carries one mark. ii) Do not copy down the part questions in your answerbook. Write only the answer in full against the proper number of the question and its part. ii) The code number of your question paper is to be written in bold letters in the beginning of the answerscript. 1. Select the most appropriate answer for each from the given options: i) The atomic number of an element belonging to group VA and 3rd period is: * 7 * 13 * 15 * 23 ii) Elements of group IB are called: * Normal elements * Rare Earth metals * Coinage metals * Alkali metals iii) Hydride ion and Helium atom have the same: * number of protons * number of electrons * number of neutrons * valency
iv) The number of neutrons in Protium is: * zero * 1 * 2 * 3 ) The element having the symbol ‘Ga’ belongs to this family: * Carbon * Nitrogen * Boron * Beryllium vi) On burning in excess of Oxygen, Sodium forms its: * superoxide * peroxide * monoxide * dioxide vii) A mixture of Aluminium nitrate and Aluminium powder is called: * Duralumin * Ammonal * Carnallite * Alum viii) Ca2B6O11. 5H2O is the chemical formula of: * Cryolite * Colemanite * Bauxite * Borax ix) The formula of Hypochlorous acid is: * HOCl * HClO2 * HClO3 * HClO4 x) The metal ion having the highest number of unpaired electrons is: * Mn? 2 * Fe? 2 * Co? 2 * Ni? 2 xi) The chemical name of laughing gas is: Nitric oxide * Nitrous oxide
* Nitrogen trioxide * Nitrogen pentoxide xii) This has the minimum hydration energy: * Na+ * K + * Rb+ * Cs+ xiii) Cycloalkanes have the general formula: * C Hn n2 2? * C Hn n2 * C Hn n2 2? * C Hn n2 4? xiv) Glycogen is a: * Monosaccharide * Oligosaccharide * Polysaccharide * Disaccharide xv) This gas was used in the First World war: * Phosgene gas * Mustard gas * Coal gas * Ammonia gas xvi) The hybridization in the Carbon atom of Carbonyl group is: * sp * sp2 * sp 3 * d sp 2 3 xvii) All noble gases fulfill the Octet rule except: * Kr * Ne * He * Ar

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