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Published: 2021-09-13 03:35:10
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Club Med postponed the launch and wondered if its concept was out of sync with the new reality. The “Wanna Play” concept had been planned as the theme to drive all other Club Med marketing programs. “Wanna Play” would encourage adults to add more pleasure to their lives, and involve their children in Club Med’s kids program. “But most importantly, it was light-hearted and clear message to customers that Club Med cared about relationships,” Vanderslice explained. After President George W.
Bush and New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani initiated the first baseball game of the World Series less than two weeks later, Club Med decided the time was right to launch “Wanna Play. ” “In difficult times, it’s more important than ever to identify and strengthen your core values,” Vanderslice noteed. “Short-term results should not preclude long-term brand building. ” To maintain the success of its rebranding, Club Med follows five principles. (1) Successful branding efforts focus on building relationships. That is why branding goes beyond advertising, which is a monologue.
Branding is a dialogue. (2) Successful brands seize extraordinary opportunities created by social and economic change. (3) Successful branding efforts allow both personalization and economies of scale. (4) Brands, by their definition, are differentiated. They express attitude, they tell stories, they resonate with consumers. (5) To be personal, branding cannot be the same everywhere. Club Med, which has 120 villages in 40 countries and five continents, is pursuing a rebranding strategy that is geographically diversified, Vanderslice said.
Club Med uses the phrase, “global but local. ” Because branding is about relationship building, the role of the culture is huge. The same service or product may have different benefits to customers who live in different cultures. Vanderslice summarized Club Med’s rebranding philosophy in two words, “roots and links. ” The company is rooted in its original concept, which are the core values of freedom, creativity and spontaneity. Club Med also supports strong links between its villages’ and their guests, which ensure flexible responses to each guest experience and satisfaction.

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