Chronicles of a Death Foretold

Published: 2021-09-10 10:35:08
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Chronicles of a death foretold leaves the reader with many unanswered questions. However, the one question that leaves readers in suspense is one that questions Santiago Nasar’s innocence. Santiago Nasar is a young, handsome and wealthy man. He is also known to be a womanizer who will sleep with any women if the chance arises. These are some arguments in favor of Santiago Nasar being Angela Vicario’s perpetrator. Santiago went about alone, just like his father, nipping the bud of any wayward virgin that would begin showing up in those woods” (page 90-91) this tells us that taking the virginity of young women is part of his ancestry, its apart of him . Age isn’t an issue to Santiago Nasar as we are made aware of his indecent affair at the age of 15 with a woman twice his age, Maria Alejandra Cervantes.
The fact that he was engaged to Flora Miguel didn’t stop him from wanting to be intimate with Divina Flor, who was at that time starting to come into bloom, this once again invokes the reader to acknowledge the fact that Santiago Nasar will look for a sexual arousement where ever he can. Santiago Nasar sees women as mere sex objects. We are told of Angela Vicario’s beauty, so one can imagine that if she is as beautiful as described(page 31) then why wouldn’t Santiago Nasar be interested in her, after all he is known to sleep with beautiful women so it is highly likely that he slept with Angela Vicario too.
On the other hand there are many reasons why one can doubt that Santiago Nasar is actually Angela Vicario’s perpetrator. The fact that Santiago Nasar referred to Angela as “your cousin the booby” (page 90), when he spoke about her, shows us that he saw her as a nerd or an immature person. The term ‘booby’ has no sexual connotation and doesn’t imply that Santiago saw her in an intimate manner.
Angela was never allowed to leave the house alone; she was always accompanied, so it is impossible for her to have met with Santiago, let alone sleep with him. No one had known any previous fiance because she had grown up along with her sisters under their very strict and watchful mother. Furthermore, Santiago and Angela were both from two different worlds, one of money and the latter of poverty. Santiago Nasar was “too haughty to have noticed her” (page 90). No one in the town had ever seen Santiago and Angela together, much less alone.
Another important event to take into consideration is Santiago’s behavior on the day of Angela’s wedding to the rich Bayardo San Roman, “During the wedding there was no change in his manner” (page 41). If Angela and Santiago were lovers then the latter wouldn’t have attended nor would he have been happily partaking in the wedding festivities. The last paragraph on page 47 which tells us that Angela took a while before saying her perpetrators name indicates that she was trying to think of a name amidst the many that popped up in her head.
She probably chose Santiago Nasar as her deflowerer because she didn’t think anyone, let alone her brothers, would stand up to a man as wealthy as Santiago Nasar. Lastly, if Santiago Nasar was the actual perpetrator then he wouldn’t have been so surprised and confused when the Vicario brothers were murdering him. He would have realized instantly that they have come to know about him sleeping with Angela, but that wasn’t the case, Santiago had no clue. Marquez ends the novel with many questions. The reader is left in suspense to imagine what transpires after.

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