Chivalry Needing Comeback

Published: 2021-09-10 16:20:07
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It was very important that someone would follow these laws because many people were strong believers in religion. Christianity was the largest religion during that time and the belief of Christianity is that following god and obeying God would give that person the gift of eternal life in Heaven. Heaven is described by Christianity to be a holy, pure, and a free from sin kingdom that was made by God. In the middle ages it was to win the favors of worthy women that men adhered to a higher standard of social behavior.
Courtesy, honor, generosity and  faithfulness became as important as a superior warrior. This code of chivalry made a man a knight and worthy of love to a woman, otherwise he was considered a brute with a sword. A knight would be in comparison to a police officer or soldier that would fight for the right justice and to protect innocent civilians from harm. If someone was found to be dishonest or untruthful they would be executed or be in death machines like the guillotine that would chop a person’s head off in front of a large crowd. According to Authorsolen. om the number of cheating scandals has been rising in the past decade.
Tiger Woods a professional golfer that has won 14 major golf championships and the highest paid professional athlete in the world was caught cheating on his wife on 27, November 2009. Tiger Woods was sponsored by Accenture, Tag Heuer, AT&T, Gillette, Gatorade, Electronic Arts, Upper Deck and Nike all dropped sponsorship with Tiger Woods after news broke out about his sex scandal. Tiger Wood’s actions caused him to have negative publicity as his approval ratings started dropping.
Millions of children look up to Tiger Woods as a role model and wanting to accomplish their goals like Tiger Woods has and performing their best in athletics. Accenture made a statement about dropping sponsorship with Tiger Woods saying “At this time Tiger is not the proper representative for our product. ” The dropping of sponsorships by companies don’t want a person representing their product or business if the media is writing negative reports about their representative being dishonest, unfaithful and controversial.
During sex addiction therapy Tiger Woods claimed an astonishing 120 women have had a sexual affair with him according to the National Enquirer. Elin Nordegen officially decided to end the marriage of 5 years by signing divorce papers after learning about the 120th woman to have sex with Tiger Woods, which caused a $500 million settlement. On 20 February 2010 Tiger Woods made his first public appearance since when the scandal broke out apologizing for his actions and saying he was the only person to blame.
Tiger Woods wasn’t loyal to his marriage and has been trying to regain his popularity in the past year, but that still doesn’t make up for promise his vows he said at his marriage ceremony that he broke. In today’s modern society everyone has cell phones, internet, and cable television to get their news and entertainment. Television programs on TV have became more vulgar over the years especially reality shows. MTV’s number one rated program is “Jersey Shore,” in the show it depicts the life of 8 “guidoes”

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