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Published: 2021-07-24 11:40:06
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When a person decides to eat at a healthy fast food service, they will find two very different options at Chipotle and Subway. While the numbers of fast food restaurants are increasing, Chipotle and Subway are both finding different ways to attract customers. Healthy lifestyles are being promoted today in society and with people always on the go fast food could possibly be your only choice, so why not eat healthy? Chipotle and Subway are both spreading the idea of healthy eating, but they do have many differences including their variety and ingredients.
Chipotle and Subway both have self serve stations. This is a suitable device to have because it helps with portion control according to the customers liking. This can be great for people who have diets that limit certain ingredients. For example, people who take place the Atkins diet they cannot eat a lot of carbs so they can control what goes in their meal. Also, in both restaurants you can choose what type of bread you would like. You can additionally add or remove vegetables to your enjoying.
Chipotle and Subway also both promote the idea of healthy eating. On commercials and advertisements Chipotle uses the phrase “food with integrity. ” Subway uses spokesman Jared Fogle to share his story on how he lost weight by eating Subway. These are great ways to get people into eating right, because people want to see results, and fast! Another similarity Chipotle and Subway have is the basic price of a meal. The price for a meal in both places will run around $8. 00 to $10. 00 dollars, depending on what you get.
This is a little above what you would spend at another place, but healthy eating is always more expensive. Subway offers a wide variety of different foods. In Subway you can choose from all different sandwiches, wraps, salads and even breakfast. Subway is committed to the health impact of lowering the amount of sodium in the average person consumes. All 6” sandwiches made to standard recipe contain Fresh vegetables, essential nutrients vitamin A & C, calcium and iron, no artificial trans fat and complex carbohydrates and a good source of protein.
Subway is to be committed to provide a variety of great tasting, healthier food choices while reducing the stereotypes of fast food chains. Starting in 1965, it was clear the Subway restaurants would be a new kind of quick service restaurant, it is a restaurant without a fryer and the sandwiches were not pre-made. The 9-grain wheat or honey bread is a “fiber powerhouse! ” which contains almost 20% of one’s daily fiber needs. A very popular wrap ordered in Subway is the chicken and bacon ranched wrap, which consist of 430 calories.
A 6-inch sub can vary between 380-560 calories with an average of about 470 calories. Chipotle offers three different types of meat to include into your burrito, taco or salad bowl. Chipotle offers chicken, steak, barbocoa and carnitas. When eating there, you can choose yourself of anything you want into the burrito, choice of cilantro-lime rice, pinto or black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, corn, cheese, salsa, guacamole and or sour cream. You also have your choice of crispy tacos or soft tacos.
We must keep in mind that although it seems that there are a lot of ingredients to choose from, it is limited to a certain type of ethnic food (Mexican style) Like I said before, their menu isn’t long, but it does have a lot of options that can be customized as needed to build your perfect meal. In 1994 the first Chipotle opened in Denver, and almost 19 years later there are about 1,200 and still growing Chipotle’s in the United States. Steve Ells, Chipotle’s CEO, says the successful growth of the restaurants are due to the fresh, local sustainable ingredients. The Chipotle rules can be very specific.
For instance, the menu is limited to four core basics, but it offers a range of garnishes like salsa and cheese and guacamole that can produce great combinations. They do not serve dessert or coffee and they do not offer a dollar menu. Chipotles nutritional value of a meal can vary quite some bit. A typical burrito can add up to be 800-1,000 calories and a salad can go anywhere from 200-500 calories. Subway and Chipotle both also offer different types of ingredients included in their menu. Subway’s meats are considered cold cuts and are processed, which ultimately means they contain high sodium.
Subway does not only serve healthy foods, they do have sandwiches that excel well over 2,000 calories! They also sell cookies and pies, so if you’re on a diet and have a weakness for sweets you might want to watch out for Subway! One of Chipotles biggest pro’s, for me, is that their meats are not raised of factory farms. Their headline “food with integrity” stands for their naturally raised animals. Chipotle wanted to be different in this way because their meats are raised in a humane way, fed a vegetarian diet and never given hormones or anti-biotic.
When deciding to eat at a healthy fast food restaurant, you will find two very different options at Chipotle and Subway. Both of these restaurants are trying to spread the healthy concepts around in society. If you walk into a Subway, you can choose from a wide variety of different ingredients some healthy, some not yet if you walk into a Chipotle there is only one style of food but they mostly stay on the healthy side. Eating healthy is great, eating healthy and getting fast service is even better you will see this both in Subway and Chipotle.

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